Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Just a thought

The other day while driving around town doing errands, I got a little attitude going because the car in front of me had her dog at the sterring wheel. I'm yelling at her;"If they wanted dogs to drive they would have issused 'em dog licsense!!! Then it hit me oh, they did!!!
I slipped and fell on the ice yesterday morning,man, did that hurt, I thought about putting ice on my bruised hip but then I remembered that I didn't need to I fell on the ice. I'm glad no one saw me esp. when the trash can lid took advantage of me and conked me on the head while I wasn't looking.
Last week it was really windy here, gust up to 65 mph. The day before that though I was out picking up trash in the work parking lot with my happy little yellow cart midget size over by the frozen Platte river when a gust of wind grabbed my cart and off into the river it went. Too bad there wasn't a video going caused I'm sure that would have been pretty funny watching me retrive that cart, what a battle that was.
Artemis woke me up this morning at my usually time to get up my bad, I forgot to tell him I wasn't going to work until later today. Good to know that my cat knows when I 'm suppose to be up, just in case the electricty goes out.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008