Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Return to the Wid West!

Uasually I'm a lover not a fighter. Last night at pool was a return to the Wild West. Every thing was find until one person had to be a Macho Man. I don't mix my drinks, if I start with beer I stay with beer, and the same way with alcohol. We were matching the other team game for game until Macho Man began running his mouth. That was already bothering me but I let it slide until I saw it affecting my team mate who was trying to play at the time. I pulled one of the board members over found out how to register a complaint and followed up on it. Their Captain said he'd take care of it. THEN about the time I thought all had settled down, Nope! Macho Man begins hitting on my girl, she had already asked him to leave her alone but to no avail. We were playing on the tables near the front windows. After the third time of his unwanted advances,the calamity jane in me came out. I tapped him on the shoulder he turned around I kneed him and as his face got into direct line with my fist I sent him sailing out the front window and bouncing onto the sidewalk. I didn't win the game but I won the boxing match. The best part the owner 86 him from the bar. Aha I love Tuesday nights.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Just a bowl of butterbeans and pass the biscuits if you please.

OH YESS it felt so good to be home before the sun came up and no one was awake. As quitely as a theif in the night, I made my way to the refridgator gently opened the door poured my Fruit Loops and the milk put the empty jug back into the fridg . Went to bathroom and slipped into sum thing more comfortable than those steel toed boots. Tiptoed to my desk and turned on the tv. Thank gwad, the volume was on low muted it and watched cartoons. AHHH____ for a moment it was like an orgasm, just me and a bowl of Fruit Loops and the last of the milk and cartoons on a Sat. morning, It don't get no better than this. Now I'm sorta watching the S.F.Gaints and the N.Y.Mets I just realized that's it's the top of the 9th. and the Gaints are ahead 2-1with two outs and it's a 3-2pitch. C'mon you Pitcher put across the plate.Jeez he walks him now the go ahead run is at first.Pull him out, pull him out he just threw a wild pitch!
Catcher get up and go calm him down.Ball two.Bounces off the head of some fan.It's up it's going all the way to the warning track...(holding my breath) YES! He catches it and the game is over, we win Mets go home. I only like baseball in the 9th inning, I personally think you could do away with the other 8. I used to go out to Candelstick park on wednesday's for the bussinessman special, I figured I'd met a guy there. Oh yeah I met alot of guys none I'd bring home to mutda. I sat there in the cold fogg one day for 16 innings before the Cardinal s won the game 1-ZIP! Next>>>>> Have ya ever noticed that if you take something for a headache you get ten more problems in it's place? I find having some one step on my toe relieves my head ache, yeah so now my toe hurts but I don't have diarriah or vomiting etc. It was only a headache not food posioning. Oh good Stargate is on, see ya.

Friday, August 26, 2005

It all comes down to a six pack

I love this city, no matter which bridge you come across to get here the price of admissions is $5.oo dollar. If you come over the Golden Gate five dollar, the Bay Bridge , oh, I meant the Emperor Norton Bridge, five dollar, the San Mateo bridge or the S/M bridge five dollar, and I cann't forget the Dumbarton Bridge, five dollar. The good thing is you can leave for free! There are always street performers showcasing their talent, whether it be spay painting themselves silver and spinging on their head or this is my favorite, the guys who can take cans of spay paint and blow torches and create really beautiful art work. I'm a sucker for these guys, but I always wait till the price drops and give 'em five dollar. Today is so special, we have all three stadiums in service today. The Oakland A's, the S.F.Giants. and the 49er's all the fans are heading for the different places at or around five tonight. Oh and the best part is every last Friday of the month is Crital Mass. Every one gets on a bicycle and beginning from the Finnical District rides into five o'clock traffic. There is usually so many people on bicycles that people in cars come to a grinding halt and Friday five o'clock grid lock is the result. My idea of a bottle neck is a frio cerevas with a lime in it. Here in my third story studio I watch the news helicopters hover and circle around the Critical Mass bicyclists, all I can think of is if we go grocery shopping later I'll go by that billboard, You never forget your first girl. I smile back at that St. Pauley Girl as she looks like she's gonna hand me that beer. That's it I'm not going shopping unless we bring back a six pack. That's my motivation for today, A Six Pack or Bust!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

They are so cute, I'd love to have passengers like this to drive around.


It's good to know that if I had a been there last night at pool, maybe I'd had made the two winning games. At least they held their own and only loss by two games. oh well next week I'll be there.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Boring nite

With busted ankle and doing the laundry, I didn't feel like playing the role of Gimpy at pool tonight. I can feel bad with this pain w/o adding the agony of de-feet. I prefer a litle salt in that wound please. Besides it was my turn to sit out and let the others play so why go in the first place. They know what to do, and if not it's spankings all around. They might even play better w/o that paddle being there tonight. Good luck to 'em.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Busted ankle

While minding my own business, I had this really heavy old fashion photo-copier fall and slid down the steps carrom off the wall and come to stop after slamming into my ankle. Luckily, I didn't get cut from the glass plate in the copier. I just cann't walk on that ankle and tomorrow is laundry day up and down 3 flights of stairs. I think I'll just toss 'em out the window and pick 'em up when I finally make it down the steps. I'd better pack a lunch b/c I'm not comming back up.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Camp Casey

Well I got to be a part of Camp Casey this morning. It felt good too, even if it was only for a small time frame. I feel better after being there. If any of you have CNN watch the Special Report tonight, No Weapons Of Mass Destruction.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

My favorite music

Tears for Beers, then there's my version of the stones I cann't get no... it's I cann't get no medication...Oh yeah , I ainn't Kissing you...Does any one know what Looking Glass,"Brandy" , Gwen Stefani, "If I were a rich girl" , and Styixs, Sail away, all have in common? Hint, it's a one word answer. I'm too poor to offer a prize, really I'm too cheap to offer a prize. Christmas time comes around and I go shopping for ME ! I'm thinking of a second job, but standing on the corner with a sign sounds like to much work for me. Not only that there's not enough money to get me to do... anything. My favorite hobby is sleeping. I haven't seen that on any Matches are site. My boyfriend rings the front door buzzer the other day to get me to come down and meet him at the foot of the steps... I told him it was to far. I finally go on a vaction we take the dogline, my b/f tells me we're going to Las Vegas. WOO-Hoo! Money for nothing! Now pack good clothes he says, (All my clothes are good, I just refer to them as raggs)! I feel the bus making an exit off the highway, I sorta wake up we must be in Vegas by now. I don't see any lights. Must 've had a power failure. I get out my ticket, Las Vegas, New Mexico! Did I mention I was cheap?


This morning I met my Angel, and she has a wonderful sense of humour! She came up to me just right when I needed some inspiration the most. Some how I knew she was an Angel from the second I saw her, so I stopped what I was doing to spend a few precious moments with her . It was a wonderful expirence. I'm still motivated and that was at six a.m. I needed to hear the things she came to tell me.

Yeah working for the weekend...

Finally the weekend . PARTY! PARTY!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Brings to mind Samuel Clements

This has to be what Mark Twain had in mind..... there are more pictures of my City by the Bay if you would like to see them.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Split shifts suxs

The morning after drinking myself into a Jack Daniels bottle, I feel like one of those little ships in a bottle,5:30 comes awful early in the morning.! Getting out of bed wasn't a problem, I just feel for the ladder and fall out! I have a loft bed to conserve space, I find it's easier than trying to climb out of a futon. So I hit the floor, splat, then I find the bathroom. Ok now what? Oh crap I agreed to come to work, hope I don't have to work when I get there! At 6:58 my boss calls, "You didn't forget did you?" I wanted to drop the phone in the toilet, but since I have already had to have the phone replaced once b/c I left it in my raincoat pocket during a hurricaine and the pocket full of water fryed the radio . I call him back to reassure him I'll be there. I get there now here's what you do, go here here and here it should only be a few hours then you can go. Yeah right, I'm thinking , I'll be lucky if finding the truck only takes me a few hours! So 8 hours later I'm now home in time to unwind , eat and go to bed and go back. Good thing I had no plans for today. It was fun seeing people I haven't seen in awhile.

Phooey on the Pool Goddess

The Pool Goddess is more evil and cunning than I am, this uhmmm goddess is a big tease. She'll take you to the brink of winning and leave you hanging on the edge. No I didn't win not even one lousy game, came so close the other players were swearing and talking to them selves but she smiled on them instead , tratior. untill next Tuesday I must try and shake this off...Oh on the funny side one of my teammates gave me a new nickname, he named me "Sweetest Sin". Seems like to me I should be in a movie with that name.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


My second favorite day of the week, Tuesday night Pool! All I hope for is to win just one game, I don't like to beg the Pool Goddess but if that's what she wants well hell then consider me down on my knees. I plan to win no matter what so be warned Pool Goddess, I got fresh chalk and a clean stick. WickedStick is here to stay.

$4,790.00= I cann't get no!

I'd like to go see the Rolling Stones in November, but for that price I could get a lot of Christmas shopping done instead. For that price I could move out of here and the beat goes on... I could pay $100.00 and stand outside the stadium and hear 'em, shoot I could just sit on the fire escape and see and hear 'em!

The hole in the wall

I saw on the news the other day that this guy in Austriral is teaching the mice to surf. They really ride the wave! Anyway this brings me to my thought. A few nights ago as I was leaving to go to work and everything is asleep and quite. I 'm desending the three flights of back stairs as I was taking the trash down with me, as I got closer to the last level, I hear this loud noise. Rattle, bump ,rattle tear, rattle. I'm thinking maybe I should say something out loud , instead I paused on the last step for a few seconds.ZZZOOM.... What was that I wondered. Then , I'm still on the last step, then I see what it was a big mouse he ran by me jumped in the hole in the wall and turned around and with one eye looked back out at me. "I see ya!" I told him. I won't do the back steps at night .

Monday, August 15, 2005


So while the rest of you are (snifle snifle) back to your 9-5 jobs, I truly feel for you, It's my Friday!! Drinks all around! It's Friday I'm in love...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Boy am I wipe out where's my lost shaker of salt!

Finally home after ten long hours of on the asphalt, but I laid down some rubber and now I want my marquarita has any one seen my lost shaker of salt? Blew out a back tire had to wait for Mr. SuperDooper tow truck to come and repair the blow out. The good news, I got to sit and wait it out under the over pass so I had some prime real estate. It's hot here today. The bad news I had to, "I gotta go,"!!!!! That 'll teach me to purchase a "Vente" coffee. A pack of smokes and a good book for moments like this and now it's time to start sipping my Sunday away. Where's that damn shaker of salt?

Saturday, August 13, 2005

This the view I Live for!

Every morning I come across the Golden Gate Bridge , it's mornings like this that I live for.

Today I'm going ...

Today I'm going to see Journey and tomorrow it's Pablo Cruise. Journey is up in Novato, Ca. and Pablo Cruise will be in Milbrae. Then Monday I'm headed to the county fair to see Smashmouth. I missed the metor show it was too foggy here to see anything. Have a good day all and a fun and safe weekend.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Some times I'd like to slap people!

This all came about because I can not deal with people who have no respect for other people's properity. It could be material, physical or space wise properity. I don't have a car b/c I live so close to work and a car is just a ticket magnet wheter it's parked and behaveing or traveling down the road enjoying the trip. Yesterday after a "L O N G" night at work I stayed awake to specifaly go grocery shopping while waiting for the light to change six people descend upon me all with cell phones, they sounded like chattering magpies! I ended up going to the billards supply store and spending the last bit of engery I had listenning to b.s. well now I'm in No Mood to deal with warehouse grocery shopping. We stop off at the drug store and this woman runs her shopping cart into my shinn not once but twice I would have been happy to move if she would have said something ,of course it's stuck lady it's implanted into my leg! Then I 'm all for people being moblie, but could you please mount an air horn on those go carts that the seniors sped around on.! There 're too quite and I realize their need to hurry time is short. I just don't like having my heels clipped by anything. Then I come home clean this hell hole and pass out. I wake up to what looks like ; 1) A party happened while I was asleep,2) An earthquake shook everything I put away back to the floor , or 3) there was a shortage of space at a daycare center and they had to come here. I truly can not stands it any more. I would be happy living in my own cave!!! Please tell me there still is one considerate human being left on Earth. I have decided that all these rude people are really aliens from who knows where... Does any one say "Please and Thank you? It's not any one age group either it's people that look like they are old enough to have some up bringing. If you drive like a civilized person you damn near get blown off the road.Loud radios I don't care what you listen to but don't force me to have to search for asprin while you thump and boom your way thru life. Now my best for last; "Cover your face when you cough or sneeze", I don't want your problem! If your not part of the solution then your part of the pollution. Learn to respect yourself and the rest will fall into place.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Heaven uhmmmmmmm

I love watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew melons. But water melon rules. To me it's like playing in a broken fire hydrant on a hot day. These seedless watermelons bug me, I have a very mean aim with the seeds, that has taken years to perfect. To be able to land one right on the target is the epitome of skill. I owe this talent to my four brothers, if you didn't spit back you were branded for the whole Winter until Summer returned producing a new crop of watermelons and fresh apprentices to get even. It just isn't Summer with out watermelons.

Signs of the Times!

" Beauty is in the eye of the BEER Holder" If Love is blind, marriage is an eye opener! Once I gave up pool , it was the most terrifying weekend I ever spent. There are no good loser in golf, unless he's playing the Boss. Beware of the children. My drinking team has a pool problem . Chalk is Cheap. Oh! Did you want to shoot? Car coming.************************* Those are some of the signs I saw on my way to the grocery store today.

Radio quizes

This morning I got to hear the question but of course I missed the answer! Q#1. What group is named after a sweater? Q#2. What group is named after a fighter plane? I know I will feel like Buffo when I hear the answers. No sorry there's no prize.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This is where I had the most fun while in Trinidad

I had the most fun here at the oldest bar in Trinidad,Co.It actually runs down the street that was the beginning or end of the trail for the cattle drives.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

You make me shimmer and shake, I said, You make me shimmer and shake!

Oh you make me shimmer and shake like a Califorina earthquake! That's all i got so far any ideas any one?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Just thought of sumthin funny!

"Have you ever meet some one who says,"Let me put my glasses on so I can hear you on the phone." Well, now maybe there was sumthin to that after all... Think about these new cell phones with cameras. Just a flashing thought I had , I should get out more.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

This is so me.....

Dawn to Daybreak!!!

I know why I love to drive , esp. the graveyard shift , it's the quite peacefulness and senerity of being my own Boss. My schedule is nice and flexiable so I can go in when I like (as long as the job gets done ) no one really gives a ..... What I really want to say is; today I went thru several different climates all in eight hours. When I left for work it was cold and windy, by the time I pretriped my vehicle and got to my first stop it was so foggy and damp. An hour and twenty minutes later and on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge it was warm and clear. Two hours down the road it was so cold the windows had condensation on them. I'll be glad when YA'LL cool down so this fog bank won't come in so thick and heavy. This morning was a little "Strange " to say the least. I was coming out of this little town that is tucked away in the hills of Marin county , as I rounded the bend and came up on an animal hospital on the front porch of the pet hospital stood a deer and her fawn. I decided not to awaken my co-worker, cause all he ever says is "unhuh"! I really don't know what to make of it, I simply found it amuseing at three-thrity in the morning. No I wasn't sleep driving either!LOL!! Finally the night began to surrender to a new day, we were in Avalon, not really but it looks like Avalon with the mist cloaking the lake and the mountains. The mallards were jocking for postion in their first water race of the day. The egerts began shifting their legs and searching for breakfast as the light spread on a canvas of twilight. The mist receded from whince it came from as the ball of glowing orange rose out of the eastern sky at that same percise momement a flock of Canandian Geese sounded the alarm that morning had broken and took flight.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Good Morning It's Saturday!

Finally made it to the weekend! In real time this is only Thrusday for me. This is the day I get "NO Rest At All" cos there's so much to do on a Sat. I'd make a to do list but why bother, by the time I finish the list I could have gottten three things completed. Oh dang the phone,hold on a minute,Whoo_Hoo! Cancel all plans I'm headed for the Beach! I just need a few things, Let's see suntan lotion, hat, scraf, sunglasses, Umbrealla, beach chair, flip-flops, water bottle, long sleeve shirt, back pack, boom box, cd's, to think I'm only gonna be gone for a couple of hours!