Friday, June 23, 2006

My favorite picture

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Happy Times In San Francisco Are Here Again!!!

Yeah! I love a parade and it's time again to walk thru the streets of San Francisco 1/2 clothed. Doesn't matter what kind of weather because it will all change in a matter of minutes or hours, besides we're all having too much fun to care anyway! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today I think I will go out in search of Happy Cows. Yes, you read that right. See I have been telling Dr. Ree that there are happy cows and she just shakes her head so today I'm taking the camera and going out in search of happy cows. Also, I think I will go shopping for a gun. Oh No! Not one that goes Pow! I want one I can load and use from the upstairs window , one that will shoot a steady stream of water at least 3 feet. I've got to get going I'm burnning daylight.

Ok here they are happy cows....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Me and Mrs. Robin we got a thang going on...

Yesterday morning I decided to take a different way home, (ok, I got on the wrong bus) anyway, it still got me home but something out of the norm was nice. I walk across the baseball field and the grounds crew is beginning to water the playing field just as the morning sun is popping over the horizon. Then I time my steps with the sprinkler system and escape a shower. Crossing by the police station I wave hello and they wave back. The morning is so nice , quiet and peaceful. Over by the soccer field I start my walk up and over the ivy ladden overpass. I don't go this way at night tooo dark, even now at eight a.m. it's still cool and dark. I make my way towards the house, now I am approaching the guava tree from the other side. Still to far away for Ms. Robin to notice me. Then too she expects me to come home from down the street not to come from behind... Slowly I approach the tree, ducking down behind a car then just when the moment was right I sprung up from beaneath the tree and scared her so bad she dropped a feather. Miss Finch was laughing so hard she nearly fell off the wire. The two morning doves looked up from their meal and just watched. The crows got hysterical finally Ms. Robin got what was coming to her.

Friday, June 16, 2006

America's Most Wanted

Isn't that just the sweetest poise ever? So calm and happy and chirpping her little songbird heart out. "Wait" , do you really know what she is saying, hmmm? I'll tell you, that precious little darling has been watching every move I make , I know, you think I am nuts but I'm here to tell ya,she does watch and when that garage door is open she has a certain alert whistle. It is higher pitched than the other whistles . Oh, and now Ms. Robin has sweet little Mamma Finch involved in the raiding of the guava tree. I will now go out on a limb,(ok pun totally intended) during the time I wasn't connected I was busy chasing Mrs. Robin all around the front yard. The water gun well it was 2 treats in 1 for her. I gave up on trying to shoo her away that way. Then one day by sheer accident , while I had the camera in my hands, I tried to get her picture. It took me three days to get her on film. Now you tell me isn't that behavior of some one who is "Wanted"?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last Sat.

Well, last Sat. for the first time ever did I say "EVER"? My parterner and I took 3rd place in a pool tourament. Six hours of on my feet and I'd worked graveyard with no sleep did I mention "No Sleep"? We just kept on knocking out the the other teams and made our way to 3rd place.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Phew! What A Month! Or...

Thanks everyone for not giving up on me and Yes I'm reconnected and back! Later I will post a fairley decent story proably over the weekend, right now I promised to help wash the truck or was it hang the clothes out on the line, gawd I cann't remember... meanwhile I've been readind this book by Barabara Kingsolver "The Bean Trees". really good book. So untill this weekend God Bless and take care. Love Skye.