Saturday, May 26, 2007

Meet Mr. Bumble

This is all I ever really see of Mr. Bumble so it didn't bother him that I was able to get up so close.
He follows me around whenever I'm downstairs anyway, the other day he buzzed right on into the garage with me.
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Going Fishing....

I have no clue why I'm thinking about going fishing, I can't stand to touch a worm or any other kind of bait. Then if I should catch a fish I sheik in terror at the thought of having to unhook it.
The only reason I had this thought is because the mural on the Cafe Trieste wall has all these locals at the seashore bragging about their catch.
The only thing (s) I like about fishing is skinny dipping to cool off esp. when we have the lake all to ourselves,or reading a book under a shade tree, and not returning home until it's way after dark.
I don't like cleaning 'em, but I do like catfish and hush puppies, Cole slaw and sun made tea.
Well, now I have talked myself into a good old fashion fish dinner tonight, MM.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Funny thing happened on the way to the racetrack, for real!!!

Fantastic day at the beach and just about anywhere else you went today. I actually have time to post something but wouldn't you know I can't think of anything at all. Thrusday I went all the way down to Bay Meadows to place my bet on "Street Sense", the agent told me I had to come back on Friday. Well, you know by the time Friday got here I had spent the money....
Soooo, Friday finally arrived and M. says at 1:30 let's go place that bet. The problem was that we were going to a Track 'n Field meet and that was happening at 3, one of our friends her daughter was running.
Well, we stop off to take care of an errand.
Out of nowhere I just fell down.
M. said I was very gracefull at it, matter of fact she'd never seen anyone take five minutes to fall down.
We didn't make it to the track, either one of them.
M. tells me to call a friend to see which horse he's picking, I say "Why?"
Anyway you know the rest of how this played out.
Unhun---- So I go to the local "Sit and Spin" to wash the hall and bathroom rug because I got over excited when "MY HORSE" won (I really have to stop drinking)
on the way back I begin to smell money, I look to my left and there it is just waiting for me.
Guess what it's the Forty Bucks I would have won if hadn't jumped the gun by going to the racetrack on the wrong day.
Thank you God.

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