Saturday, December 31, 2005

I just have one thing to say about this rain, God may have created the Heavens and the Earth but Mother Nature Rules, She's the one with the POWER!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Everything goes better on a Ritz!

I don't mind that it is rainning and has been for days I don't even mind that tonight I have to go back into the downpour and within ten minutes me ,myself and I are so soaking wet that it isn't even funny. How can I be so udazed by all of this icky weather? Simple, today I am enjoying my own little picnic, just me and the glass of Sauvignon Blanc, Monterey Jack and my Ritz's crackers. I am in Heaven, leave a message and shorly I'll get back to you.
Two more days to get those resolutions together. I know what I want to do but I haven't completely decided.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dust On The Shelves/ parody on Smoke on the Water, Deep Purple

I woke up to wrapping paper all around the living room. To make matters worse there were dishes on the counter. Someone forgot to buy coffee and what little there was spilt on the floor. Dust on the shelves, dust everywhere. Dust on the shelves just blowing it won't make it dissappear. Dust on the shelves enough to write your name in, dust on the shelves god why do I have to live here!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Sweet Home Alabama

Thinking back over the years I can't help but laugh at some of the crazy things. Here is just a small example of absurness in my life. Graduation day h.s. '74, all of us are excited nervous and relieved that we are actually going to get a diploma and get the heck out of there. As we make our last visits to the restroom for one final check before show time, all of our parents have gathered in the gym for the main attraction. We begin to file in and take our seats, our Valedictorian is making her speech when all of a sudden I hear the sound of nylon graduation gown rustling. The next thing I know I feel the brush of someone wanting to get out of the aisle, so of course I move so they can get thru. Lord have Mercy! Please tell me I did not just see the grand canyon on legs. Yeppers! "And they call him the streaker, Ethel- don't look" Ray Stevens.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

I Believe...

Had to work last night, but that was alright. It was rather nice and quite, what traffic there was, was light. Every radio station had on music of the season,
Me and my co-worker just crusing the streets on Christmas Eve.
As we drove over Richarson Bay the sweet smell of forgotten trees caught our attention . My first thought was to find an open 7-11 for a fresh cup of Irish cream. The night slowly ticked away giving thought to visions of sleeping in my bed. Along about 5:15 pst. my helper taps me on the shoulder and with a loud exclaim "What's that red blinking light in the northern sky"? I looked where he had motioned to, standing still and quietly we both heard the faint sounds of sleighbells as Santa and his reindeer flew out of sight.

Friday, December 23, 2005

The Christmas Gift

******************************************************************************Well, my co-worker presented me with a gift. I had no idea he held me in such "High Esteem". I truly was at a loss for words until he said "Go ahead use it", and then......I replied," I'll put my eye out"! (durn thing doesn't come with an owners manual).

10 Things SkyeBlue2u Needs

  • A place to make her social commementary. 2 . A sweather. 3. To live. 4.Help the woman is exhausted. 5. A new strategy. 6. 15 tables and walkies-talkies. 7. A perfect lover or something? 8.An evening gown for the event.9. To get to the ballet. 10. Needs therapy.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


How lucky you are to be the first day of Winter and right smack dab at this Holy Season. May all of you have a wonderful birthday, you truly are "SPECIAL".

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wake up your in my bed!

I was so tried so I went to bed only to find someone else had gotten there first. Now I'm stuck in this position untill they wake up and I hope I can get out of this fruit basket and into my bed! My friend sent me this; boy can I relate to the expression on the border collie's face.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I go out today and I'm suppose to meet my best friend to place some flyers up at different bars to let people know of our friends farewell celebration next week. The sky is threathen to bust loose at any moment. I dress for a major storm, ball cap so I can see if it should rain my glasses won't get wet, raincoat with hood in case the wind with gale force winds whip thru, my umbrella (that I wasn't aware when I left home that it was broken) that matches my raincoat and ballcap. God forbid if I didn't co-ordinate my attire. This is what takes up most of my time getting ready to go any place. Ok, moving on, I'm ready to go outside after six phone calls from my friend that went something like this: "What's the weather like there? Getting ready to pour, OK, I'll call you back." Finally two hours later than planned we begin to converge toward the agreed meeting place. My phone rings. "Where are you? 16th and Sanchez, you've got to see this HUGE SNOWGLOBE! Where is it? 16th and Sanchez. Where are you? "At the Mix" Well why don't I meet you at Moby Dick. 16th and Sanchez why don't you meet me at Moby Dick. Ok, I'll meet you there. We arrive there at the same moment, this is a miricale in itself as I am prone to meandger and smell the roses along the way but today I was messerized by the HUGE snowglobe. The best way to describe it is the episode of "Friends" where Elaine is starring at the tires going around and around. There I was watching the snow flakes drift down onto the snowball family singing "Let it Snow". We hook up and pass out the flyers then we head over to the Pilshner for a few games of pool and a cold one. It hasn't began to rain just yet so after awhile we return to the Mix where the drinks and food flowed freely. People showed up and the place was packed both inside and out, I saw folks that I honnestly haven't seen in years. This was truly a day in Heaven.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I Was Tagged By ...

I was tagged by "Mind Blowing Insanity", so here goes... 1o years ago: I was the weekend and night manager of a women's shealter in St. George, Utah. I truly enjoyed being able to help others. I had the daytime free so I worked at Abbey Inn as a housecleaner, thus earning my money to fly back to San Francisco. 5 years ago: I had completed truck driving school and been driving big riggs for three years. Last year: I got a promotion, and more responsbilities..... 5 Yummy Things: Gummy Bears, green, yellow, red and orange. 5 Things I'd do if I had "ALOT" of $$$$: Open up a drive-in theather complete with kiddie playground. and the usual stuff.. 5 Thangs I never wear: uhmmm, thinking can I skip this? 5 Favorite T.V. shows: Antique Roadshow, Women's pool matches on ESPN. Cartoons, Cooking shows, Regis . I tag Ruben.

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window- Paul McCarthney

It is soo rainning here all night all day and proably into tonight again. I've had three friends call and ask me to come help put out sand bags with them. I guess they figure since I've been out in the rain alnight what's a few more hours of being soaked to the bone! The most amazing thing happened last night before I went to work. This Lady climbed in thru our apartment window. I was sleeping and heard a different female voice than I 'm used to hearing so I immediately woke up. Sat up in the bed looked at the poor dear "DRIPPING WET", layed back down and figured I was dreaming, then it hit me that my dreams don't talk to my roommates, so I sat back up and she was explainning how she got locked out of her apartment and saw our window was open so she climbed up the fire escape three floors in the worse rainstorm we've had in a very long while. I offered her a towel but she said she was embarrassed and she'd cry but she's already soaked. Apologized for the puddle, I called the landlord and he came and let her into her apartment. I told her not to worry tomorrow she'd be laughing about it. I just realized this is the lady I accidently went into her apartment one night. All of our doors look the same and after climbing the three flights of stairs I figured I was at the right door, so in I go. Her place is "Beautiful", that's when I realized wrong apartment. I guess we're even now, next?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

It began rainning at percisely 9:45a.m. how do I know that I was on my way home when a big splat of rain nearly knocked me out. See, I was a weather lady in a previous life, and people, friends, co-workers think I'm insane when I tell'em, "Hmm, we're in for a change in the weather. Smells like rain". Now on the news last night they said it wouldn't happen untill 6 a.m. Sunday . I told my helper , they're wrong we might not get thru tonight w/o getting soaked. Oh no he argued they said Sunday. Fine, have I ever been wrong? No, ok then who ya gonna believe, me or someone ya don't even know? -------- While he's sleeping and I'm driving I'm looking at everything, my gauges, the traffif , mirrors, the trees, watching for animals crossing the road, the moon, the clouds , changes in the outside temperature, how a few leaves slowly drifting off a tree suddenly turns into the whole tree is necked. Sooo, we get back to the yard , dock the trailer, get out say hello's and leave, the second we stepped onto the sidewalk splat right on our heads. Tonight will be interesting,cold,wet and slick. I wish my tractor was ready, they pulled it out of service thanks to the skunk smell!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Shopping Has It's Own Language

Last night I was thinking, well ok I was really wondering about the meanning of life and some other real important questions. This thought flashed thru my mind more than once, How come taxi cab drivers don't sell life insurance? Then there was this crazy notion that because we bought tickets for the train why are we riding on a bus? How is it on the coldest know day can one fly find my window? Today is the sixteenth right? Cool, I've got eight more days before I go Christmas shopping. Does anyone know how late the stores will be open on Christmas eve, I mean I don't want to get there too early, that spoils the fun of "Panic Shopping". Ok, I have to share something with all of you. Yesterday we were out and about and window shopping, alot of walking and I suddenly realized I couldn't understand a word my g/f was saying, it was like she was speaking a whole different language, one that I had no knowledge of being able to comprehend. It could have been Italian, French , German or Greek, all I know was I was lost. We had walked for what seemed like two hours and I hadn't eaten anything for a while, so I asked her if she wanted to get a bite to eat. I heard something that sounded like "Prada". All I know was that my feet hurt and I wanted to sit down some place, so I spied a "Starbucks" here want to sit here and enjoy our lates? Her response was "Gucci". Ok, good. Then I felt like a double scoop of icecream so I inquire if she would like a one and what two flavors. She tells me "Dolce-Gabbana ."

Thursday, December 15, 2005

This is where I'm headed in Jan. to the Coast Long Beach. We made our resvervations last night and later today were going to get our Amtrak tickets. Woo-hoo, I can hardley wait for time to get here so we GO!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Temptation 1969 Ball Of Confusion

1,2...1,2,3,4, ow! Eddie: People moving out , people moving in. Why because of the color of their skin. Run ,run, run, but you can't hide. An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth Vote for me and I'll set you free. Rap on ,brother, rap on. Dennis: Well, the only person talking about love thy brother is the... (preacher.) And it seems that the only person interested in learning is the... (teacher.) Segregation, determination, demonstration, intergation, Aggrvation, humiliation, obligation to our nation. Ball of confusion. Oh yeah, that's what the world is today. Woo, hey , hey. Paul: The sale of pills are at an all time high. Young folks walking around with their head in the sky. The cities ablaze in the summer time. And oh, the beat goes on. Dennis: Evolution, revolution, gun control, sound of soul, shooting rockets to the moon, kids growing up to soon. Politicians say more taxes will solve everything. Melvin: And the band played on. So, round and around and around we go. Where the world headed nobody knows. [Instrumental] Oh, great googalooga, can't you hear me talking to you. Just a ball of confusion. oh yeah, that's what the world is today. Woo, hey, hey. Eddie: Fear in the air, tennision everywhere. unemployment rising fast, the Beatles new record's a gas. Dennis: And the only safe place to live is the Indian Reservation. Melvin: And the band played on. Eve of destruction, tax deduction, city inspectors, bill collectors, Mod clothes in demand, population out of hand, sucide, too many bills, Hippies moving to the hills. People all over the world are shouting, "End the War." Melvin: And the band played on. [Instrumental] Great googalooga, can't you hear me talking to you. Sayin'... Ball of confusion. That's what the world is today hey, hey. Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya. Sayin'... Ball of confusion that's what the world is today, hey,hey. Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya. Sayin'... Ball of confusion.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The bus stops here.

My all time favorite movie

Ok, I feel better now, I have been looking around the web and it appears that I am not alone in figuring out how to post links. There are websites for me to look at. Anyway tonight Andrea promised she'd help me. I'm holding her to it, I want my links and I want them now! LOL!

This That Or The Otter.

On Ruben's suggestion I went to see what my name meant at blogthings, instead I found out that I am an otter.


Now this is more like it!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Late/Night Coffee

Let's see where shall I begin this woeful tale.... I could start at the beginning, the end, oh! how about the middle that seems about right, this way I could go either direction from there! I get to work, no sign of anyone that is suppose to be ridding with moi! No problem, (maybe I get a break). Someone comes and goes, another someone comes and goes, I finish fuelling the tractor,fine tune the setup and pull out front, do my paperwork. Finally, here he comes. My when we know we are "LATE" we have a tendcy to be NICE!
"Could we pullease stop and get coffee first?" Ok, another ten minutes wasted. It has now been an hour since I got to work. Coffee in hand he climbs back in and says,"There's a bad snow storm all over the nation". I almost inhaled my whole cigarette. Regaining composure I mmhmm.Why encourage him I'm thinking. Then when I feel safe enough to relax a little bit, he blurts;"Do you think that's why the plane went off the runway"? Ok the game is on,"Have you ever driven on black ice"? No I don't think so, why?Well if you'd had believe me you would never have forgotten it. I left it at that, I can not explain to someone who has no clue anyway. The night went fairly well on a scale of 1-10, it was maybe a four. I forgot to mention the best part in all his making noise he finally did it, he woke the dead! At 5:15 a.m. he dropped one box too many and the cutes little black kitty with a white stripe down her back walked directly over to him and let him have it! I was already in the cab and was looking out of the mirror when it all went down. I tried hard not to laugh and was it ever hard not to say "See I told you this would happen." I know no-one will use my tractor today. I need to get rest and get sic for tomorrow. Big big pool tourament at Jillian's, this one is the one that qualies you for the West Coast Challenge in Long Beach Jan.2006.

Friday, December 09, 2005

"Cold, Honney You Don't Know Cold"

This is Lee Vining,Ca. this is where my brakes froze up and I dang near got frost-bite in my feet trying to get the bus mobile and get my passengers to Reno where it was nice and warm. Now that's a trip I'll never forget!!
I'm kinda in a funky mood today, I really should get some sleep. Last night was hell on wheels. My dewonderful delovely deside kick was making enough noise to wake the dead. I enjoy working the g/y shift b/c it is (((((Q U I T E))))))) until my side kick shows up and then their goes the neighborhood!Slam bang over and over and.... I got even with him later on , I put the radio on all talk and over and over the same news . Then he has the nerve to say to me that it's "Cold, I can't work in the cold". I was somewhere between slave driver and furious. "Of course you're cold, you show up do two minutes of work, fall asleep wake up only when I put the air brakes on, oh the lights are bothering you, invest in a pair of sunglasses all the rockstars wear 'em.) What I really said was; "You don't know cold, there are people right now as we work that are shivering in below freezing temps." Where? Let's see pick any state. So he sees this as a game to waste time and stands there in 46* weather shaking like a chicawawa w/o a sweater. Mind you he has on four layers of clothing , I'm in a t-shirt and I can feel the sweat on my temples beginning to trickled down the side of my face. "Fort Worth, me 26*. Evanston, Indiana , me 18. I'm beginning to like this game because I'm impressed he knows real names to real towns.I see him thinking, sifting from foot to foot. "Ok I got one you won't know, he shouts. How much money you got on you, I ask. "Kansas City". 17* Any other questions? We finish up and get back in the truck. The news is doing the weather, I swear you'd think the news people have me wired so what do they report on the low temperatures from around the nation. My worker goes, "You already heard it." Huh? I was out there with you , there was no radio ."

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Imagine by John Lennon Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try, No hell below us Above us only sky, Imagine all the people living for today..... Imagine there's no countries , It isn't hard to do , Nothin' to kill or die for, No religion too. Imagine all the people living life in peace .... Imagine no possessions , I wonder if you can, No greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people Sharing all the world..... You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us and the world will live as one.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005



Just in case (ha ha) that anyone is wondering I've ran away and gone amuck! Yes, I'm outside and headed for the Castro. You'll find me on the first open pool table............

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You Can Ring My Bell. Next up is Cher's Strong Enough. b-52's Love Shack. We're gonna take this little break while Booker T and the MG"s lay some Green Onions on us. For those of you who would like to slow dance here's Elvis, Only Fools Rush In. Alright back to the music, The Hues Corporation, Don't Rock The Boat. Take My Breath Away, Berlin. I'll Stop The World And Melt With You, The Cure. C'mon we need some dirty dancin' going on here's Britiney Spears Boys. No party would be complete without Patty Loveless and Try to think About Elvis, and The Cars, You Might Think. Hope you had fun , thanks for stopping by my big fat fiffty party! XOXO's to all. Skye.

My Best Friend Sent me This for My Bday.

Thankyou I really needed it too.:)

Monday, December 05, 2005

Today's Your Birthday

Happy Birthday to everyone lucky enough to be born in December! We are the drama queens of the zodiac. We are quite, shy, reserve and just waiting for our turn in the spotlight! Think about it , you can come over to our house and immediately we manage to turn a normal day into a party. All of us share the same burnning question,"Why be normal"? So to all of you born in December,"Happy Birthday"!

This is so me looking at the moniter.

It's A Beautiful Day Here

Sunday, December 04, 2005

I wish dailing for dollars would hurry up and call,I've been waiting for a long very long time............

Friday, December 02, 2005

Part III of Whose a Da?

I get home this morning from work and quietly get into bed and try to snuggle up (ok, you know it should be kiss up) for the crimes of passion I have committed the night before. I go to lay my head in the crook of her arm and as my sweet loveable head was about to touch down, her arm moves. My head hits the cold sheet. Sign #1, dog house. I guess here the doghouse would be the fireescape,brrrr cold night out there. I try again same result. This time I get up and go make coffee and bring it back. In my most loving soft voice I whisper; "Here's your coffee". "Is it from Starbucks? I see sign #2 , Doghouse and no blankie.... Now I know this is a game I'm to feel bad but it ain't working cause I know the truth she's the one who don't know when my b/d is, ha ha. I leave the coffee for her and go get my own cup. I finish my cup of java and go to bed (alone) she's gotten up and ingores my presence . So when I woke up a few hours later there's a card and a box of chocolates. The card was very sweet and made me cry, but the chocolates cured that right up. As she's going out the door she says ,"We'll go and get your Christmas present tonight". blank stare.......................

DA Part II

I'm sitting here minding my own business (sorta) when Andrea noticed that someone is a Virgo like her. "Oh look, someone is a Virgo like me." "What?" "She's a Virgo like me." "You're not a Virgo". "Yes I am and have been ever since I was born." "You never told me you were a Virgo, you should have told me this when we were dating." "Would that have made a difference?" My attempt for being a dumb ass is digging me a much bigger hole, right now it 's about the size of the Grand Canyon! So to make this whole mess (worse, I mean why stop now I'm on a roll and secrectly Andrea is enjoying watching the "Master of Idiots" get out of this one. She looks over at our other roommate and asked him,"What zodiac sign am I?" He replies with ;"Well, every since I've known you, you've celebrated your birthday in ahhh, ummm, Septemeber, I think the 14th." (this is the man who forgets to put water in the coffee pot) oh thanks I'm thinking. "You didn't answer the question, "There was a question?""What difference would it have made if I had been a Libra!""It would have changed the present that I bought you, now what am I suppose to do with this book for Libra's?"I pull out the cute little book and show her. Andrea thumbs through it and says as she tosses it back to me,"Guess you'll have to marry a Libra!" She gets up quietly walks across the room and slams the bathroom door. I'm thinking I should get up and beg for forgiveness then it hits me she still doesn't know when my bday is, ok ,I'm thinking sit tight and see what unfolds. A couple of very silent minutes tick by, they were scary silent minutes. Finally Andrea emerges from the bathroom,"So, if I had been a Libra you wouldn't have dated me"? My first husband was a libra, God rest his soul."Yes.""Yes what?""Yes, I would have still dated you(I feel for my knees this hole is really deep);What are you doing?"I'm seeing if I can still feel my legs.""You are Crazy!" YES, I'm crazy about you, and it's not my fault that you changed you're birthday."I did NOT change my birthday, You just don't know when it is admitt it.""Then how come last time your birthday was in May?"My bday was never in May, that's when You bought the mo-ped, remember and that still isn't a Virgo! You are a complete idiot! Secretly I wanted to agree with her but no way was I going to ever agree to duh! "Ok, so now you're birthday is offically in September"." For god's sake look at the calendar, see the circle around the 14th, what do you think that means,hmmmn? "There'll be a full moon on that night?" With that Andrea hugged me and started laughing.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

What's your favorite comic christmas song? I have two, "Walking around in Women's Underwear" ,the other one is in spanish, "Where is Santa Claus?" I drive my co-worker nuts when either one come on the radio. You'd think I'd never heard either one ever before, then I make him translate Oh where is santa claus.Well, I'm off to dream land, it's gonna have a nice roaring fire in it. G'night.

Let me introduce you to DA!!!!

So yours truly is all upset because my g/f doesn't have a clue to when my bday is, so I've been oh let's say quiet and just waiting and watching. So today I found out that the horoscope book I bought for her isn't even the month she was born in.................................................................................

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Maybe later today we'll go and find our special "Christmas Tree";yes I know I said Christmas tree because it's the way it's gonna be in our home a Christmas Tree not a holiday tree. A HolidayTree to me implies parties and more parties, a Christmas Tree reminds me of the special time of the year. I'd like to afford a beautiful Douglas Fir but my purse can only handle a "Charlie Brown Tree". I don't mind it at all if you want to take away pretty much everything I'm used to;so I hope you understand when I don't greet you with "Happy Holidaze",and I don't get you a present because the presents are symbolic of the Three Wise Men and the gifts that they gave to the baby. The green tree is a symbol of rebirth , spring time new growth. My mind is all a mess today, I found out some sad news and this has really hit me hard. My dear dear friend past away. Right now I'm sorta in limbo, reflected on the how we met, the good times, what a great guy he was he loved writing poems. His little dog has been searching for him and has tears in her eyes. Well, I 've got to go and help out in some capicity not sure what just yet. I keep wandering in and out of concesionus. I need to go and pull myself together, right now all my inter strenght has been zapped out of me. I just want to get in a fetal position and cry, but that won't change anything. If you feel sick at all this winter solice please go to the doctor , please don't just shrug it off as "Oh it'll pass". Ok, that said, I've got to get moving and make some phone calls. Love and Peace to all. Skyeblue.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Yeah, yeah, yeah it's alright it's alright she moves in mysterious ways. On your knees boy! It's alright it's alright , she moves in mysterious ways. Oh , I like this song. Me and my Cowboy hat and my red boots are rockin' out to this song. She moves in mysterious ways. yeah, yeah, oh yeah.

Monday, November 28, 2005

That's my birthday song to me.

Truckin' that's my birthday song to me, I look forward to days off but god do I get cranky, bitchy and down right "Goatheaded" when eight hours before going back on duty. Andrea swears I'm on a perement pms. No, it's that I hate having to work for money. I feel that since I was once a princess that my allotement should never have run out. However I gave up that tittle when I was four and my Mom and Dad went separate ways. I don't blame him for spending the rent money on a race car even if he didn't know diddly about racing,. He built me a great go-cart using the old lawn mower , so what if he forgot to take the blades off and there was no brakes. And then, there was the time I was convined I was the daughter of Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara because my Daddy bought me a pony. Ok , so it was a race horse that hated racing. He got her for a real sweet deal. Well going to ride her was soon to come to an end when she threw "Bonnie Blue Eyes " off and I cracked my skull. It wasn't long after that episode that his visiting rights came to an end. The day my Daddy let me hold a ferral simense cat. Yep, it sunk it's fangs into my left wrist and he had to rush me to the emergency room. I felt bad for Daddy, the poor guy, he had to explain to my Mom why I was about to get rabies shots. Of course after the phone call to the woman who gave Joan Crawford acting lessons, the nurse returns to say the shots won't be necessary. My Mom had just had to take me to the emergency room because I fell off the side of the house they were building next to us , it was a split level, so I had just recently had a tentius shot for scraping most of my ankle off. But we won't mention that, that never happened. Sometimes I know I'm my Dad, I do some of the most craziest insane things but they are to make others happy at whatever the outcome to me. I miss you Daddy.

Truckin' by Grateful Dead.

Truckin' got my chips cashed in . Keep truckin', like the do-dah man Together , more or less in line just keep truckin on. Arrows of neon and flashing marquees out on Main Street. Chicago, New York, Detroit, and it's all on the same street, your typical city involved in a typical daydream hang it up and see what tomorrow brings. Dallas, got a soft machine, Houston too close to New Orleans; New York's got the ways and means ; but won't just let you be, oh no. Most of the cast that you meet on the streets speak of true love. Most of the time their sittin' and cryin' at home one of these days they'll know they better get going Out the door and down the street all alone. Truckin' like the do-dah man. Once told me , "You got to play your hand sometimes they ain't worth a dime if you don't lay'em down". Sometimes the light's all shinning on me other times I can barely see, lately it's ocurred to me what a long , strange trip it's been. What in the world ever became of sweet Jane, she lost her sparkle , you know she isn't the same. Livin' on reds, vitiman c and cocaine , All a friend can say is "Ain't it a shame?" Truckin up to Buffalo, Been thinkin' you got to mellow slow. Takes time you pick a place to go , just keep truckin' on. Sittin' and starring out the hotel window got a tip they gonna kick the door in, I'd like to get some sleep before I travel, but if you got a warrant I guess you're gonna come in. Busted, down on Bourbon Street, set up like a bowlin' pin , Knocked down, it gets to wearin' thin, they just won't let you be, oh no. You're sick of hangin' around and you'd like to travel, get tried of travelin' and you want to settle down. I guess they cann't revoke your soul for tryin' . Get out of the door and light out and look around. Sometimes the light's are shinnin' on me other times I can barely see, lately it's ocurred to me, what a long , strange trip it's been. Truckin' I'm goin' home ,Whoa whoa baby, back where I belong . Back home sit down and patch my bones and get back truckin' on . Hey now get back truckin' on.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Nothing going on but da rent...

Tonight tonight is Sunday night oh what a wonderdus thing. It's my Friday wee whoopeee! All I have to do is survive the next ten hours, the next horrific ten hours. The best part is my regular helper has been on vacation since the 17th. and won't be back until the first of Dec. It's been like a vacation for me, one that didn't cost me a dime. The fill-in guy has been a pleasure to work with and get to know. Last Sunday they tried to kill us both with the 120 packages of various sizes of Christmas deliveries per all eight store. It nornmally takes us an hour to do the first store last week it took us 2 hours. They'll be no suprises this week, we are expecting the long night to repeat it's self. Both of us were in "P A I N" come sunrise last Monday morning. Well, I'm gona fix me a bite to eat and some fresh coffee and get rolling.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Sorry, but right now my mind is still not sure which day it is, maybe by tomorrow I'll be back to Normal? Hahahahahaha me normal never!

Now I know where the Canary went....

Gone Fishing!

Friday, November 25, 2005


Yes, aliens. I have figured out who these spammers are aliens. You'll have to think for yourself on this one, but I was over at my buddy's blog, "Jeff the comic" I'm Too Stupid For Something Clever" and I was sidetracked from his article on Glofish when I came across the Weekly World News. Ok, I 'll admit it that's the sort of junk I read at the grocery store, mainly because I don't care which star is getting married divorced or pg. I want to know when the Aliens are coming because my mind is always out in space so I'd simply like to know when to expect these guest. So I'm glancing thru the different headings and it hits me like a light out of the blue, spammers are aliens.What does you have a great blog but if you need flashlights and sterno you should visit my site on weed wackers have to do with any thing. Here's where you have to help me. I think they are telling us they will be arriving at night and it might be cold, hence the can of sterno. Now the weed wacker bothers me, are we suppose to have one handy even if it doesn't work anymore, is the weed wacker a symbolic figure? I don't know. Thoughts anyone .

The Big Shopping Day.

Oh last night at work was too much fun. Everywhere we went at 2 a.m. there were people waiting in line , you could almost hear them chanting"Open Open". Being the good sport that I am I gave a couple of short supportive blast on the air horn. Yes from atop of the freeway overpass we salute you, the brave that have adopted the USPS creed, "No rain, sleet or snow will keep us from spending our dough". I wonder if shoppers have a fighting song; "This mall is your mall this mall is my mall from California to the New York Islands from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters this mall was made for you and me. As I was driving that ribbon of highway I saw above me the endless neon signs I saw below me the valley of parking lots this mall was made for you and me. I roamed and rambled until I found a spot that I couldn't quite fit into squeezing out the window I followed the footsteps that lead to the sparkling racks of dicounted merchandise then to the diamond displays that glisten and gleemed this mall was made for you and me"... Well I don't think Woody Gruthrie had that in mind at all. I had to work early Thanksgiving morning, I noticed a trend that was going on, men were at the grocery stores asking the poor sales people all sorts of questions. I felt for her as she rapidly fired off the answers without ever blinking. "Where's the balsic vinager? " Aisle four , "Where is the ....." I was only in the store long enough to get a soda and get back into traffic. There is not , "NOT" enough money in the world to get me to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, besides there's nothing I want "That" bad. My mother took me shopping with her one year after Thanksgivng it has left me emotionally scarred. Those nice women any other day of the week transform into something that even the creature from the Black Lagoon would dissaprove of their behavior. It was two hours later before my mother found me again to a five year old that's a very long time. I was hiding in the cabinet under neath the towels display. If your one of those shop til you drop shoppers I wish you a nice hot foot bath when you get home. I made my purchases before getting home this morning, alka-selser a bottle of oj and some vodka. It's raining here at this post time, so I'm going to take advantage of it and go to bed while it's good good good sleeping weather. I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving With The Boys

Well it won't be the Village People but it'll be my boys from pool. Every year my guys have the best turkey dinner you could hope for in life. They do the cooking and cleanning and they even brew they're own beer. There's only three of us Ladies that are invited to attend, my girl, my ex-g/f and yours truly. We're bringing pumpkin pies and the Redi Whip if Andrea can keep it away from me long enough to get it over to their house. This has been a tradition for nearly twenty years, I cann't imagene eating any other place. After dinner we play pool and they even have some pinball machines it's too cool.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm feeling all mushy, yikes!

Ok, I just want to say this right now before I get real busy next week and time slips away. This is a big "Thank You" to all of you who have visited this site and left a message. I consider all of you my Friends and I want to wish each and every one a enjoyable Thanksgiving. Alot of ya'll will have a really pretty traditional Thanksgiving with the winter scenery I suppose, (I'd love to see pictures) and some of us will have that turkey with shorts on, (not the turkey) although that would be funny. The thing that I really want to say is let's not forget about our love ones that are in the Armed Forces no matter where they are stationed. My Thanksgiving prayer is that next Thanksgiving they are home with their families. It's hard for me to realize that another year has come and gone. I for one am going to try and take time to enjoy each day that I have from here on out. "HAPPY THANKSGIVING"

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

That's the story and I'm sticking to it...

Does anyone remember the epsiode of "I Love Lucy" where she has the Loving Cup on her head and keeps getting on the wrong subway train? All was going as planned last night we watched the other team win 9-4 and move on to the next round in the playoffs. Ten thrity came and we said goodnight and headed for the concert. Right away we got on the train that would take us to the connecting train in record time 9 minutes. We go up the long steep stairs and across the street to the Fairy bldg. and wait for the next train. Board the cable car and we're almost there to the concert. My heart is racing I can hardly wait to get there and get my pictures. I look out the window, wait a minute where are we going? Didn't we just walk thru here? "Get off, stop digging for your transfer and get off now. She stops looks up and yep we are on the wrong cable car. "Get off". I just said that, didn't I? So we get off go back down the long steep stairs and now here comes the train again. I say you know what, what time is it? 10:57p.m. Well why don't we be smart and get on the train headed for your house before it becomes a crowd. Ok. So we go and get a six pack go to her house and watch "Stickmen" a pool movie and pass out. It was a fun evenning no matter what did or didn't happen, just getting out of this studio and staying out all night was worth it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wish us Luck!

Tonight my best friend and I are going to do our best to get as close to the Rolling Stones concert as possible. I've had Andrea check the camera twice to make sure it's working. The game plan is you don't think I'd really tell ya! ha ha! After my friends game in the playoffs we head down to SBC Park that is if they haven't changed the name again . I haven't a clue but I have no doubt that I will have some sort of wild story to share tomorrow. Pool playoffs don't get over for a few hours by then the concert will be well under way. One way or another I will have pictures of either the Stones or something. I know, could I get any more positive sounding. Well, look at the time, I gotta go get ready for this adventure. Running shoes maybe the attire for the evenning.

Monday, November 14, 2005

My friend sent me this picture , I'm laughing so hard I 've forgotten what I was thinking.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

This is an album cover to the group "It's A Beautiful Day". (and that's all folks!).

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Today i'm gonna.....

I'm plotting to go take the camera and go on a walking tour of the City. Ok, maybe just outside down the street and back. The weather is just right for my little white chicken leggs to be outside. It's just like with the three bears not too hot, not too cold, It's Just Right! So, why am I still sitting here? Good question. I'm still sitting here because I thought I'd ask Andrea to go with me. It's a little more fun with two people than with one. However , by myself I could walk and enjoy the day as oppose to running and being in a hurry. Hmmm, decisions. I'll ask her anyway.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

As Close To A Proffessional Game As You Can Get!

There was a slight shiver in the evening air as we made our way to the bar for the first night of the playoffs. We have four players on our team but only three of us were present. It was a race to nine and that's it. Repeated calls to our fourth player was to no availe, we were already down four games before we even began the night. My game can't be counted on, our top player had just flown in from Seattle and was discomeboomerated from the flight. I forgot to bring a score sheet,so while I ran home, we began play and was marking it down on a cocktail napkin. The other player who has almost had as bad a season as mine was sinking everything in sight. 7:30P.M. Play begins- We win first match. The mood is positive, we're charged up. 10:30 We are tied at 8 All. The player who was sinking everything had tied the score , we felt it only fitting that he continue and go for the "Holy Grail". 11 P.M. the two of them lagg for break, even that was real close, so our Man was a Gentleman and he offers to rack. The other player breaks and comes within the smallest know fraction from sinking the eight ball on the break. The eight ball is hanging over the edge of the side pocket throughtout the whole game. One miscalcualted stroke could render either team out of the playoffs. Our guy would shoot make a pocket then miss. Their guy shoots makes a pocket then a miss. 11:55 time is standing still now, it's like in very slow motion , all were quiet, they both have only one ball to pocket and then on to the eight ball. However, they have locked each other up on the left corner pocket. The only play is a L O N G S H O T from the top of the table to the center dot and back up, (looks like a "V"), first their guy tries it's a legal hit but doesn't break his ball out, our man tries same thing, hits but the stripe refuses to break free from the solid. 11:57 they do it again the two ball dislodges itself from off the rail. The play goes back to our guy. He chalks, he breathes, lines his shot up the cue ball is rolling with such a determined force it strikes the 14 ball and kicks itself into the pocket. The other team gets ball in hand on the 2 ball . Their player puts stop on it the 2 goes in leaving the cue ball slightly to the side of the eight who has been residing in that side pocket the whole game. 12Midnight, the eight ball is pocketed and they advance to the second round of the playoffs. The other team earned their right to advance to the next level. Our Guy went 4-0 last night his first 4-0. We were so Proud of him, he kept focused even when the pressured was up to "Whoopie". We let him play his game, we sat still and stayed by the table for support as if he needed any! After the game we did shots of tequila and with a Rebel yell we made a pact to return next season as a Team.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

47 More Days til Christmas!

I was reading over in the Atlanta Journal this morning after I came back from voting. I got up and went and voted thought I'd be the first one there, Ha! There were four more ahead of me. Guess I'm not an early bird after all. I checked in with the first set of people to get my ballot, and one of the persons made the comment that all women live in my apartment building! It didn't hit me until after I had finished voting but I find that sort of comment distrubing. I explained to the person that that building is reknown for hosting Opera stars, Ballet performers and other persons in the Arts . Finally I get my ballot and begin to vote. I will talk more about this after 7P.M. tonight. I go to turn it in and the ballot machine is not working at 7:15 A.M. already there's a problem. They say I can try or I can put it in the slot. I say, "Is a Humanoid going to count these votes by hand?" "Yes". "Ok as long as Bush isn't re-elected, I guess it'll be ok."*********** Christmas already*** Two weeks ago I watched as Christmas trees slowly began to emerge from the secrect dark closets of the retail stores neeked. The next night there they were in all their splendore and glory beaming to the world as if they were lighthouses. I had already mentioned to my co-worker that real soon the Christmas tree lots would be going up and the trucks would start rolling in loaded with trees. He just laughed,yeah right. The next night there they were. As if it were some big shocking surprise he remarks."Look! Christmas trees and they're all decorated!" I think this is one of the reasons I decided that I didn't like working retail the managers rush seasons and no sooner than I'd get one display set up they'd want to move it and put up seasonal display. Then one time I worked at a floral and plant company we got to decorate the Embaradero with pointessa's OMG! That's proably why I won't buy one and they are posionious to cats as well as misteltoe. Then there's the year we had to decorate twenty five Christmas trees. Talk about Lightmares! What a tangled mess that was, but we got it done just the two of us. My friend told me she saw white spots for days. Last Friday, I saw a tractor pulling one of those boxes that people use as an office, I told my friend that's going over near your poolhall for a Christmas tree lot. She comes home that night and tells me I was right on the money. Well! I guess real soon I'll need to try on swimsuits!!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

I Didn't Forget!

I didn't forget to say I love you. I didn't forget to call someone up and just chit-chat for awhile. I didn't forget to remember you're birthday. I know you think that I'm simply wrapped up in "ME" but I'm not., for you see the things I do are because of you. *** That was my greeting card. I think it needs some cute picture to go with it, maybe soft warm and fuzzy. Something that I'd like to snuggle up to like a Teddy Bear. I dunno know but I'd like to have a roaring fire to sit and warm by right now. It's rainning here and they say it's only for tonight. I like to sit on the couch and watch TV with the logs cracking and popping making me jump every once in awhile. I just watched the movie"EVOLUTION" that was a cute movie. It has David Duchovny ,Julianne Moore, Orlando Jones and SeannWilliams Scott in the movie. I'd never seen it so it was nice to see something for the first time. There's episodes of "MASH" that I've never seen before so you can see that alot of stuff is a first run for me. I don't watch alot of TV. Well, I wanted to go pratice some pool tonight. If can you believe it we made it to the playoffs. I don't want to lose any games tomorrow night. I'd like to advance to the third round. So far out of thirty teams we placed 22nd. and we're tied with another team at that spot. Unfortunately for my ratings I allowed things to get in my way and my ranking has suffered this season. It's time for me to take that ride on the river of Calgon and let everything just drift away, but first a glass of wine and some candles .

Saturday, November 05, 2005

100th post!

Ha! I had my 100th post and I didn't even know it. It just happened , no needles, no pain , no ill side effects. No headache, no going blind from blogging too much and w/o supervision. On to more important stuff. I got my cell phone Thrusday. Tell me does this sux or what? Who am I suppose to call at 4 A.M. in the morning? When you normal people are up I'm asleep, so please don't call me. My friend calls and tells me she couldn't leave a voice message, Well, that's because I figured I'd proably be awake when anyone called me and why waste three dollars. That's a coffee and a donut to me! I give my number to my co-worker so he can get a hold of me. He calls at midnight, "I thought we were suppose to be there at ten p.m.". What time do we start every night? Two a.m. ok, see you at two. Oh the joys of life! Why are we smart people surrounded and out numbered by dimwitts? Are they there to make us look brighter than we are? Is there some Divine plan that we are trying to fulfill? I'm glad I'm only assigned one I couldn't handle an office full. Last night we switch roles, I like to do this once in awhile, breaks the night up. I must be the bionic woman we were done 1/2 the time. Changing the subject now. Today is our MVP pool match, Andrea ask me if I'm going. My record for this season is bad, but not horrible , so no why would I even be considered for MVP? I'm still on the stats but barely. Well , I suppose I'll go get some sleep now. Have a great weekend ya'll.

Friday, November 04, 2005

This is how I feel about waking up!

Friday and Fries.

This has been a fun week but to me it seems like it lasted 31 days! Now for the fun filled food feast that will take me into Summer trying to work off a few turkey legs. I don't know if there is a big difference between half and half for my coffee and lowfat. I do know that the lowfat doesn't make me feel like a helium balloon. I have the Mac and Cheese for that feeling. I've cut out donuts and that seems to help but then I've only exchanged them for cheetos. I saw a program on tv the other night about organic foods. I think I'll give them a try and see if they'll pass my taste buds. I'm getting by now on two cups of coffee as appose to all night long one cup that never runs out. (I think I just made up a word). The fast food's have been eliminated from my regular routine. I only like home made french fries ever since I babysitted my nephew and he threw out a container of fries full of ketchup onto a motorcycle cop. The cop pulled alongside of me and gave me this glarring look, I motioned that they weren't mine, I meant the kids in the back seat not the fries. All I really know is that Kristy Ally is looking "Mighty Fine" and I'm not. To night tonight Price Charles and Camilla arrive, well that's nice. Bully for them! I think I saw on the telly where Camilla walked into a glass door, I guess she was mesmerized by her reflection. Don't ya hate it when that happens. I had to switch to graveyard because I've run out of strangers to wave at and get upset when they don't wave back. You can blame this on the french fries they make me have the hiccups. Are they the gov't ever gonna let us clone ourselves? I got 16 personalities that need to get up and go to work! (Not Really) but which one of us answered! Does any one else out there in Blog land work graveyard? If so how many hours of sleep do you get? My average is two hours and someone some where when I least expect it wakes me up for no good reason. Last night they woke me up to all the lights on in the apartment we live in a studio how many lights do you really need on at one time? I keep loosening the one by the bed (my bed is a loft bed which means I'm sleeping very close to the ceiling ok) I don't jump up unless I want to pop my head thru the floor of the apartment above us. Oh wait we are the top floor well any way you get the point. Sooo I keep loosenning the light near the bed and they keep replacing it. No they don't simply turn it. I know because I've watched them. Then one day I was determined that I wasn't getting up for no body! I played DEAD! I should have gotten an academny award for that performance. It was hard not to burst into laughter. Oh here's a dumb joke I heard, "What do you call a witch's purse?" a hag-bag. I warned you it was dumb. Well I'm gonna close now . I'm gonna try and get some sleep while everyone is out.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

My friend sent me this so I thought I'd share.

Well alright!

I wasn't feeling so good on Tuesday. I think it was the fact that October was over and the events were all done and the candy was all eaten and oh shut up already! Then I started to write yesterday but I still wasn't in the mood and I had an appointment . However! On the way home we got caught up in a rag-tag protest. On the scale of 1-10 this was poorly organized and it had a splinter group that tried to be bad. They needed to advertise it more and maybe perhaps there would have been more support. They even had Cindy Sheenan there but did anyone know about the rally, nope! All I saw was senior's in those electric go carts blocking traffif!Oh yeah and the riot cops ready to take down any senior that didn't get up out of the street. I over heard one protester say,"Well my knees have had it for today"! By sunset all the protester had dispersed and gone home. Goodnight!

Monday, October 31, 2005

C'mon Everybody Got To Love One Another Right Now.

Yesterday was sooooo much fun, I don't really know where to begin . I laid down for a cat nap that turned into four hours and the phone rang and woke me up at exactly the time I was suppose to be at my friends house. I return her call to thank her for waking me up and she denies that she called. I do my Superman telephone booth get dressed routine grab the camera and out the door I go. We get to Golden Gate Park and begin our journey into the park till we reach Speedway Meadows. We've only been there three times this month alone but we still get lost everytime. Pop open a beer and follow the music . We missed Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks by just a few minutes. We find our spot and set up camp. Open up the pinic basket Boo-Boo I'm hungry. If the pictures came out I'll post them later, I had to leave the camera at my friends's house. There was Starship, Quicksilver, Canned Heat, Jerry Miller, It's A Beautiful Day and lots more. I took a walk to see the different booths and whatever, got hungry and bought a brownie, got lost in the crowd and finally found my way back to our spot. Meanwhile , my friend met these two guys and was watching their stuff for them while they moseyed around. I return all dazed and confused but loving it!!! The guys return and ask us if we'd like to go backstage. Now we're backstage Partying with ALL the bands and the other people. The merlot was simply divine best wine I've ever had and the food was great too. Now it's time to leave and as per usual we get to that fork in the road my friend and I both point in oppsite directions as to which way to go and some passerby got hysterical watching us. We wrote down the crazy comments we made while we were there. The best was when my friend ask me what time it was and I said; "I got no time". I still haven't adjusted my clocks , maybe today, maybe not.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

"I'm Late, I'm Late For An Important Date"!

Gotts to hurry, going to see Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks and Jefferson Starship and Sly and the Family Stone. We built this city on R O C K N R O L L!!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005


ok things are all better , she brought me home a milky way midnight. hmmmm. good. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2005

How Long Do You Wait?

How long do you wait for: Hunger pains to physically take over and force you into the kitchen? How long do you wait before knocking on the bathroom door ? How long do you wait for you significtick (I know it's spelled wrong) to wake their #%&* up so you can go do something anything "TOGETHER"? And I don't want to shoot pool, or go to the Mac store and buy the same things I could get at WrongAide for el cheapo! How long? If I keep this up I'll have the makings of either a good fried egg sandwhich or a horrible country song... One less egg to fry, wait that's been done, I should have changed that lock, na... Tainted love please don't touch me....When I met you you were working at cocktail bar.... There's got to be one that fits.. Take a vodka drink take a whiskey drink.....

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Train..

The train runs underground and above ground you pay your money and get a reciept that is time and date stamped. Yeah so, so how is it that Andrea and I put our money in at the same time different machines and she got ten minutes more for her buck fiffty? Also why does the same size bottle of milk 976ml of chocolate cost a whole dollar more? And how could it possibly take seven days to deliever a pizza? I swear that is what the sign said ,"7 day pizza delieverly". These are just a few of the things I wonder about, but not on a daily basis. I watched this guy talk to the parking meter the other day, people would pull up and park in this space, he would just keep talking to the meter, the cars would pull back out of the space and leave, he just kept talking, another car, another car, he just kept talking, finally the "EXPIRED" clicked up , yep, he walked off.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I have spent the whole day in bed....

Because .#1. I have to work 2night. #2. The weather set the mood. #3. I had some one to fool around with. So am I satisfied Hell no! They got what they wanted , I got some of what I wanted and off to pool they get up and go, but what I really wanted what I really wanted was an all day event. I wanted to be "Worshiped" and pampered not patted on the head. I could get a pet for that kind of attention, my stuffed monkey at least stares at me without blinking! My stuff monkey will even wrap his arms around me and hold on. I'm headed for the bubble bath and beyond, Buzz Buzz Lightyear where are you?

Sleeping Weather

I awoke to the sound of raindrops on the fire escape this morning,what a beautiful noise very legato. So I'm not going to be here long, I'm headed back to bed to cuddle up with my pillow and maybe have some wild fantasy before I have to really get up. The wildest thing I can think of is my roommates drank some magicaly potion and suddenly they feel the need to "Clean up ". It's to the point that I might just walk out one day ... They've been warned, I am no one 's maid. I don't feel like even thinking about it, I'd like to call the health dept. I'd really like it if Mr. Clean would bust down the door and stand there with his arms folded and scare the daylights out of them. Oh yeah and carry me off on his broad shoulders all the while saying "You're safe now". In fact it'd be wonderful to be rescued by some big strong OCD male with an earring. I have the strangest fantasies. I hear my pillow calling me , it's a very soft spoken pillow, Skye, Skye,c'mon back to bed, Skye stop playing around and come here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

See this building directly out my window, well if I could I'd be showing midnight movies on it. Any one have any sugggestions for our Grand Openning? I haven't worked out how we gonna hook up the car speakers yet, so let's not get nick picky just go with the flo.... Man oh man, if I'd won the Power Ball Lottery, this is one of the things I'd do bring back drive-in movies. I think this is one reason marriages don't last now a days. Today is gonna be a great day! I'm trying to convince myself of this, I've repeated it now 100 times. Sat. Andrea played in the Nine Ball tourament and won her entry fee +20. Then she invited me to play a few games and I beat her five games in a row. She wanted to know when did I get so good! I never practice, all I do is work, so when did I get good? The truth is it wasn't Tuesday night, it wasn't a bar table, and I had no money on any of those games so why wouldn't I win. Meanwhile back at the ranch, my friend got to go to the Exotic Erotic Ball Sat. night. She and I went one year but we were too busy having a great time in the parking lot to make it inside !! A friend invited her to go with him and they had a Wonderfully Wicked time. I'm glad, she really needed a fun filled event. ** Outside my wind ow, out side my wind ow, ** I was just thinking about that Eric Carmen song. All by myself. ** The other day I heard the Talking Heads, now for the longest time for some strange reason David Byrne was stuck on my pc no real reason that I know of but I couldn't delete him or anything. Finally that tower got replaced. So the other day I hear the Talking Heads and of course the DJ says that's the artist and I started laughing . Mystery solved. I never answer the door when some one knocks on it I'm afraid it'll be Jessica Fletcher. I'm too young to die two more months and I'll have reached the 1/2 century mark. I want a BIG FAT FIFTY PARTY!! I want male and female strippers, I want an open bar, I want a live band that can play any request that any guest makes, I want dancing, Food that never runs out. I want to invite all of my Blog Friends as well as my friends, come as you are / bring someone if you want to, dress up /dress casual I don't care where you wear the tie!!! Just come. Well that's my dream Birthday Party. Let me know if you had a great time. I'd better go play the lottery if I'm gonna even buy myself a card.

Monday, October 24, 2005

What a day!

Today was a very long day it seemed to me. I was afraid to go to sleep after work because I had to go to jury duty and I was worried I'd fall asleep and you know be late. So I go to my friend's house she isn't ready to go yet , I lay down and I was out in two minutes flat. Her Mother called four times to tell us not to forget all the paper work, I was so out of it I never even heard the phone not once. Finally we leave and get to the court house with thirty seconds to spare. So now we're looking at the penny saver she brought two of them and we're getting hysterical reading the ads. You'd think we were in church or something everybody was so lifeless. They call the first group of names and give us a break. We wouldn't even been there except my friend misread the number when she called in so they kindly sent her a summons. We return from break and they begin calling names again and this time we are free to go jury duty complete. So now I am wiped out and to tired to think about too much of anything except where is my blanket and my pillow. Goodnight .

Saturday, October 22, 2005

This Is Where I Wish I Was Right Now!

Town and Country in San Diego, Ca. I wish I'd stayed and let the others go home! This was right outside of our room. See the table in the shade ? That is where you will always find me in a shade. Posted by Picasa

"The Adventures Of FatBoy"

"Git down off the couch, did you hear me?" FatBoy! Just look what you've done to the blinds! Ohhh! Stop being so cute, can't you see I'm MAD at you?" FatBoy jumps off the couch, spins and darts from living room to the kitchen and back up on the couch and barks at me. "Woof woof woof woof! "What did you say? Woof woof. No way! You've got paw prints on my satin pillows, and look now there is this tear in it. WOOF! I suppose you're proud of yourself. Leaping off the couch and running down the hall barking all the way back to me , FatBoy can't control his excitement any longer. He begins scratching at the door. I look out the window of the door. OMG! How did I ever sleep through all of this commotion? The guy next door is having his mobile home hitched up and pulled out of the trailer park. "Arrughhmmgh." "No you're not going out there can't you see those guys got it jack knifed and stuck. Arrughhmmgh. Not even on the leash. Arrugh! He flings his body onto the cushion of the couch. I've ruined his whole day. Now he'll have nothing interesting to tell the other dogs about, how could I be so mean. I can't stand to see a grown dog cry so I give in to his demands and put him outside on the leash. Now the incessive barking really begins, this was the reason I was holding back on letting him out. I 've actually seen squirrls throw nuts down on him to get FatBoy to shut up. It would work until he'd finish the nut and bark and demand more nuts! It was FatBoy who managed to get the squirrls in my neighborhood to become nocturnal, it was the only way they could get out of the tree and across the yard safely. The guys moving the moblie home glance over at FatBoy, I know what they're thinking make that dog shut up. Sure enough one of them says it, "Hey Lady, can ya keep that dog quite?" C'mon FatBoy let's go for a walk. Taking FatBoy for a walk is very commical in it's own rights. It's like being the Pied Piper with out the rats. Nikki leads the way , then me and FatBoy and comming with us today will be Nosiey bringing up the rear. Doesn't matter which way we go we still have to pass by the trailer guys and as we do so both Nikki and FatBoy let out some kinda barking fit . Whatever it was those two were hystrical about it. Looking back at Nosiey she's flicking her tail at them as she passes by. The trailer guy has his hat off scratching his head. Our trailer park was next to a canal that eventually fed into the Sacramento River. In the Summer it would be dry enough you could walk in it , as Fall would approach they would let off water from Shasta Damn and the canal would fill up. This water was COLD! Nikki got in it once , she never got in it again too cold for her. We spent about an hour walking around, finally the sound of a truck moving slowly and yes the trailer in tow. FatBoy saw a chance to get the last word in as the trailer approached us. "WOOF woof wooof wooof ahhhwoof."

Friday, October 21, 2005

I am inadequate, wait a minute now quit laughing so hard. There are a lot of you that I would love to link to your blogs, but after 3 months of this I can not figure out how to link. I could never satisfy anyone because I can't link. I can dance, but I can't link. Now mind you I have repeatedly asked for help and this is a sample of what I get..."You do this, you then do this and then you hit this." I slowly follow these instructions and guess what happens nothing.!!! So the other night at pool I asked one of my dearest friends and he explained it to me in very simple terms. Today is Friday do I remember , Heck no! Also there is my avatar from Yahoo which I dressed up , ok, it's the only time I play dress up except at halloween in which I feel like I'm in drag because my friends got me into a dress! Alright so they had me wrapped like a mummy, I still felt confined. On the Sunny side Andrea took third place in a pool tourament last night, she said she was still playing at six a.m. this morning. I must be tired me and my spell check actually agreed on a word! **** Now I will share with you the adventures of Nikki and FatBoy.******* "The Adventures Of Nikki And FatBoy"********* starring Nikki a mixed Border Collie and her side kick FatBoy a delightful Chinese Pug.******** with special guest appearence by Nosiey, a fat cat with a curiosity.********************Nikki came into my life by accident, but them maybe it wasn't who knows. We were out walking one morning when we heard this sound and it seem to be coming from the dumpster so my friend and I we went up to the dumpster and after climbing to the top of it we were shocked to see this cute puppy in there. Annie said , "How are we going to get her out? I suppose I'll have to climb in and hand her up to you". That's how were acquired Nikki. She was the best dog ever, faithful, protective and good with kids.Well wait not all kids Nikki didn't like teenage boys, we finally decided that perhaps it was teenage boys who had put her in the dumpster. Then Uncle Bob gave us FatBoy, a Chinese Pug, Uncle Bob wasn't related but he looked after us. We already had Izzy the iguana, named Izzy because we didn't know Izzy's gender at all. So one day Nikki being the oldest and FatBoy the baby, FatBoy would get out and run wild . Calling him was a waste of time the wind blowing through his ears prevented him from hearing anything that sounded like "STOP", "Sit" or "C'mere". So, I told Nikki go get your baby. She took off with one single bound grabbed him by the nap of the neck and drug him back home. FatBoy was not pleased with that outcome. Then one day , Nosiey took up residence with us, she was willed to us from our dear friend. She knew would never be happy with her Mom and she knew Nosiey got along with FatBoy. That was because Nosiey was the QUEEN. "You come to my house then you do as I say." FatBoy would try and cut up with her but Nosiey would have no part of his silly antics. Nikki didn't care for Nosiey, there was only room for one Queen and Nikki wasn't giving in to "NO" cat. The day arrived sadly , that Nosiey came to live with us. You could tell Nosiey missed Charlotte as we all missed her. You could also tell that there was a lot of Charlotte in Nosiey. Nosiey was used to the finest feline things and our budget at the time was barely in exsistance. Talk about the food chain you know you're cooking is bad when FatBoy wouldn't eat it. FatBoy was the last to eat because if we didn't feed him last no one else got anything. Nosiey would go first , then Nikki and finally FatBoy. We couldn't allow them to eat all at the same time because FatBoy would make the rounds and if we didn't intervene then Nosiey would rule in her worst but best Bette Davis role. It took a long time to break Nosiey of that horrible habit. One day out of no where everyone just gave up, gave in and got along. I wish over and over I had a picture of that morning I came outside and all three were sitting in the wooden swing together. Nikki on one side, FatBoy on the other and Nosiey in the middle. One January morning, you could see Mt. Shasta from our place, the snow glistening off of Mt. Shasta and it was cold that day eight degrees , and you know those UPS people where in their shorts, I still shiver thinking about that scene. Later on it warmed up some , I don't think it got above 40 that day. I began calling everyone to come in as it was appraoching sunset and the temperature would be dropping soon. Nosiey was the last to return. It looked like she had been shopping she had something in her mouth. She got closer and FatBoy began to get excited , like he was in on this caper, but wasn't suppose to tell. I glanced over at Nikki to see if she was in on it. Nikki could be sneaky and blame it on the other two as if she was sooo innocent. Nosiey got her self and the package on the door step and dropped it at our feet. OMG! It's a package of Prime Rib and she didn't even puncture the clear wrap! Annie and I stood there stunned for a few seconds, then we busted out laughing!! That night all of us celebrated. I know all three of them were in on it, but only Nosiey was able to slip in and out undectected. I also know why they left FatBoy at home that day he would have blown their cover.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Go Astro's!

Go Astro's, I got money on you and if you guys win I don't have to do the laundry for a month! Go Astro's! All ya gotta do is win by one run each night doesn't have to be no big blow-out, just one run more than the sox's. Oh and if ya don't win I'm bundling up the laundry and sending it to ya. Beleive me you want to win!
I took this quiz and I found out what I already knew, that I was born in the wrong state. I should have been born in the show me state. It's no wonder that I don't get along with my family in Ga. They see a hurricane as just another rain storm it'll blow over, I see it as a potential danger. Now I know why my girlfriend says quit being so negative , I say I'm just telling you as it is. And that glass that is half way, yep, it's half empty! So it turns out that little ole me coming from the heart of the bible belt (excuse me I burped) I guess the belt was too tight, now I know why it seems like I've been fighting all my life. I've been fighting ideas , philosophies , ways of doing things, the only thing I haven't tried to change is the sun, moon and the stars and I'm sure if given the chance I'd rearange the stars so I could see better at night w/o all the street lamps. I love camping, the camp fire smell of coffee on a clear brisk morning, I love lying back on my sleeping bag with a rock for my pillow and picking out the stars in the night sky. So I guess I have discovered that in a small way I am a Control Freak! I'm not possessive if I have something and you need it I'll gladly share with you. The result of having a Mother who is a Leo and me being a Sag., this doesn't leave a lot of room for compromise. There was only one highway and it wasn't mine. The only true thing I know, is you should never ever point out to your Mom that you know she is lying. No no no! My Mom has got a very wicked back hand,ouch!!, that still smarts all these years later. Sometimes being right is better enjoyed alone. I think this is why I'm always slow about telling my best friend who slept with her boyfriend. I tried to tell her and I lost both of them. I suddenly became the bad guy. So girls if you don't want to know what your guy is doing please don't ask me, I don't care to get involved, been there done that over it. Yes, that dress makes you look awful., but you don't want me to tell you that either now do you? If you have to ask you already know the answer! Of course that darling little salesgirl told you look great, she's counting her commission. AHHHHH! my head hurts is it Thanksgiving yet? I drank enough Wild Turkey with Honey last night to project us all into Thanksgiving. Has anyone had a Titty Licker yet, oh oh oh!!! The guys call it a cock sucker, all I know is it is soooooo good! We were doing shots of Tequila Rose but the bar tender forgot my shot glass so being the lady I'm not! I get the bottle, uhummmm good! We are not even going to dicuss the drama from last night, all I have to say is next season I will be captain and there will not be any one on my team I have remotely thought about sleeping with! I think I'll have only guys except for me. I did manage to do something right yesterday, my girl friend is saving to every nickle dime and penny to get her operation, and my old girlfriend was in need of a little bit more to pay the property taxes. So we all sat down and calmly talked it over and Andrea being the sweet person she is willing donated the portion of the money that was needed to make the payment. It's great because I can always work harder to replace it, and the other doesn't lose her house, it might mean that the operation is put off but only by a small window. If I quit smoking , yeah right, that would be replacing the money even faster. I went by a lot of blogs yesterday and everyone has some sort of heavy thinking thing going on. I guess I'll try and make me some pancakes now, drinking sure makes me hungry the next day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lazy British Police Dog

Over at abc news is an article about a lazy police dog that was let go from the force. I never thought about maybe some dogs just don't care about sniffing out criminals . Eating fries and making friends were higher on his agenda than taking a bite out of crime, proably tasted better too. It doesn't seem like they let him search for drugs, maybe they should have he might have finally gotten interested in his job. Any way McGruff he wasn't. He now is the loving pet he was born to be in a nice respectable home. Well one thing is for sure, he knew what he wanted and how to achieve his goals. "What me work", I want a house in the country with birds to chase and a shade tree. It would be great if we could apply that theory to our lives and work would pay us to stay away! I've always said give me enough money and I won't come back every day asking for more. I get the feeling that they just ignore my pleas. What I really don't get is why they always give the new hires the weekends off. Everywhere I've ever worked that was a big deal to get a M-F work week. Ok, so I don't care for sports unless I'm playing centerfield, althought most captains put me out in left field. Their reason is because you play like Lucy, your too busy checking your compact or your lips. Hey, I say I'm your best looking on the team presentation is 98% of the sale. I feel like if you can hit the ball you could at least hit it into my glove. I don't like to perspire and running would mess my hair up. I know it's Tuesday and I'm trying not to think about pool tonight and how I have to play all four games and how I must win, The pressure is to great!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Sunday all day long

It was Sunday all day long yesterday, I felt a need to escape the long lines of people people everywhere I go. After a hour of speed sleeping , I got up and got dressed and boarded the first underground train that was outbound from the city. Total time of travel half an hour , I arrive at my friends house. We load up the truck as if we are going on a camping trip, we were only going to the beach. The beach is empty because everyone is at the De Young Museum that was having it's Grand Openning the crowd was forty minutes long to wait to get in and take the free tour. To me that seems just plain crazy to wait that long to go inside on a beautiful day , what a waste! We get to the beach, climb down the rough terain , locate the perfect spot. The waves were reported to be breaking at 10-15 feet high, I think I saw one around 5' that was just swell. The sun was heating everything up except the water, the temperature of the ocean was proably 58 degress, brrr to cold for my skinny white chicken legs! So we didn't ride the boogie board, another day for getting that wet. Since we weren't getting in the water we decided to eat our lunch. The hard boiled eggs that we almost forgot to bring with us. The melon, cheese and crackers, the oysters and the Resina. My friend wants to go look for sand dollars ,I just want to soak up the sun and dream of far away places. You know , I find I sleep really good on the beach, the roar of the waves crashing so close that I swear I can feel the mist coming off them. My friend comes back and tells me it's time. Oh no we got to go. No, it's time for jello. Jello shots. yum yum. Vodka jello shots. What a great day, it was Sunday all day long. We watched the sun drop below the horizon and then we left and headed home.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Wallace and Gromitt-The Curse Of The Wier-Rabbit.

This is a hysterical movie all ages will enjoy this one. You'll laugh, you'll cheer, you'll you'll hold your breath. The suspense, romance,drama and the pre-show isn't bad either. I don't want to give any of it away. So if you don't see any other movie this year , make Wallace and Gromitt the one that didn't get away!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Halloween Pictures

Ya know, I just wanted a Halloween picture, but everything I looked at scared the liven crap out of me. On top of I got to go to work later. I was going get a Halloween mask the other day but they look too life like, believe me on this I work at NIGHT outside OK? You daytime people don't SEE the real homeless, loveless people that Only come out at night. Next time you have the chance to go to a movie at night be aware of your surroundings, you'll see what I'm saying. Please understand from right here I am not making fun of the less fortunate. Sometimes I think, they must have a death wish, in the middle of the street one leg missing or rolling around in a wheelchair while cars and large vehicles fly pass them proably not even seeing them. There's this one to me, she reminds me of a trantrulator , all in black low to the ground and moves slowly and deliberately in that wheel chair. Mind you I'm NOT scared easily , ok sometimes I get jumpy but that cause my helper sneaks up on me and never speaks as he 's walking up I turn around and there he is---------DANG say something, wait a minute I got to wait for my heart to restart. This one night some crazy man came running up to me demanding I have sex with him, (Uh Hello, I'm the wrong person) he says "I got a knife, I say so I got a mache! He says get up by the wall, I say, you pull it out and you can kiss it goodbye. I don't recommend everyone have this type of confrontation, you're actually better off ignoring them or mumble hi and keep going quickly. I like to vary my routine, back when I was a rookie at this job, I was as predictable as a clock. I had one homeless guy tell me ,"You must have been on vacation?" Why's that? "Cause I haven't seen you in two weeks." Point here is, ok so they aren't in a home of their own, but don't underestimate them. I saw one sitting by a wall at Starbucks yesterday with a Nice laptop . I don't know if it worked or if he was just typing to mess with people's minds. Then there was this guy who everyday would "Bless " my truck by throwing oranges on it, everyday. I swear to the powers that be this was his reply when I questioned him one morning,"Why do you do that? Orangcha having a good day!" I deserved it I had to ask. Oh no I got to get ready for the night shift now, ok so I'll leave you with this old saying,"May you always get what you desire and not what you deserve." I'll try and keep it safe for all of you again tonight. Good night.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Home Fuel Prices To Jump

Ok, so there has never been a better time to cuddle up with the one ya love. If it's gonna be cold we'll proably have an increase in the birth rate come Spring and Summer.Those of you who can remember the "Ice Storms" of a few winters back, all you need is some thermals, extra socks and a ski hat, several scarfs, sweaters and one big coat. Mind you it is hard to do any thing all bundled up but hey you're warm aren't ya! You can forget going out and sitting in the car to keep warm, I know I can't afford to run that engine just cause the radio has better reception than the house stereo. My brilliant idea of a month ago was to have the Landlord shut off the steam heater in the apartment. We have three PC in here and they generate enough heat w/o that heater behind me always going "Phssss" to everything I say. Although once in awhile I'd convince myself that it was one of those water landscape bubbling and trickling and it would be so soothing to fall asleep to , until the Landlord came up and said it was leaking down to the apartment below us.
That's where I reminded him he never came back to fix it from when it blew the valve off one night and steam was shooting every where. All I could think to do was grab out a few of my dry clean clothes and stand there holding them letting the steam clean them. My roommate goes ,"Do something.". I am I said, can't you see I'm saving money! I'm going to get the Landlord he says, Hold on a minute, I got two more jackets to clean." Well by the time he got the Landlord the steam was over and my clothes were so nice and pressed. He comes in all worried and behaving like some cartoon character wringing his hands and I'm sitting there like ,"Oh, Hi it's nice to see you, How's you're wife?" So I get accused of breaking the heater valve, at which point I say sorry no, look at it , the heat melted the stem that holds the valve on there. (I do know that at a certain temperature metal will melt) and my chemical sign is FU.!! Brilliant Rocket Scientist Landlord goes and picks up the valve, (if you would like audio insert a very loud scream here.) "That's hot! "No really, can I hold it, I've always liked hot drippy metal things burning a hole in my hand. Why do you think I had the pot holder there!!! So, he goes and does something and forgets to ever come back til one night the heater is leaking down stairs, which he thought he was gonna blame on us. Everything happens on a Tuesday around here. I had decided not to go to pool so he wasn't counting on anyone but the one roommate being here. The Pittbull in me came out, and I reminded him he never came back to fix the heater. The good thing about working outside at night is when you do get inside it feels warm , even though everyone else is sitting there all bundle up, as long as my feet are warm I'm ok. My feet, my nose and my boobs are good indicators of how cold it is outside.Then there's this pre-menapausal thing, I should go live in Alaska, maybe not though, I'd melt an igloo in no time flat. My poor co-worker will be all bundle up and I've got my head out the window like a dog going to the park. Once, I heard this noise, I look over at him,"Are you making that noise?" "Yeah, I'm cold and my teeth are chattering. There's something wrong with you, if you're always cold you're not getting enough iron." Nevermind that is was about 40 out side. This subject always leads me to , and if you'd work at the pace that I do you'd never be cold. There's this one place we go that the radio reception is awful so all we can get is the Radio Disney or the Spanish station that has that hysterical program. I don't care for it because I don't like people yelling unless it's FIRE get out of the Building! He dislikes the RadioDisney, and I'm not putting the radio on talk programs. If any of you have ever listen to RadioDisney, the first hour is informative, but after that it's replayed over ad over right into the next night. I guess my helper thinks I'm just you're average dumb blonde, but see I know better it's #613 brundry red. I caught him singing the other night ,"I'm Mister Lonely" , Hey that's good I tell him do you do request? Then my song comes on just like clock work 5:25 a.m. it's the Hamster Dance. I can't help it when this song goes on I begin working like crazy, the bags are a flying the boxes are a movin, "I want my MTV". Mova mova. Money for nuthin and you're chicks for free." Well, now I have got to get ready to go to $4.bucks and get my coffee. As that one song says , "I got to break away", or I like this one, "Life is a Highway"
Yes, we won last night 9-7. Winning is so wonderful.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's Tuesday Leah.

Yes once again it's Tuesday and that means getting dressed and going to pool.Tonight I'm going to win if it means going and buying a trick cue ball. If you haven't seen one of those it is defintely a must see. You hit the cue ball and it goes right up to the object ball then out of no where goes off on it's happy adventure. Hopefully this week I won't shoot the lights out over the table. That has a way of stopping play until another light can be located. And w/o a light trying to find another light is often diffcult. All I can say is if ya hang out with me there's never a dull moment.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Comedy in the Park

What do you get when a bunch of comedians are doing their job and the Blue Angels fly over? Fly boys that respond to dick jokes. Just like vigra they were up there. It worked out great one crowd two events, just think of the fuel I saved, while watching them burn all that fuel. I tried putting in the link for the comedy but if it doesn't work it's www.comedyday .com here you'll see the list of performers. I was sitting in one of those very small lawn chairs, well really it wasn't small it was low to the ground. Getting into it was a trick in itself, I had do to the limbo rock just to get positioned to hopefully land my butt in it. The first two tries failed. I tipped over once, the second time I did a backwards flip. I was trying to be quite and just sit down but the people around me began to get hysterical and then I couldn't concentrate. Then my friend goes over and gets one of the comedians to wave at me , just as I'm stuffing my face full of wheat thins and cheeze wiz. I took some pictures but I don't know if they came out, I didn't know the camera had a zoom button. I was going to get some icecream but I only had enough money to get home on and they were asking and getting $4.00 for a scoop of ice cream plus the line was longer than the line for the port-potties. The crowd was mostly the Glucosamine Generation, I remember when we used to ask each other if you got any smoke, now it's you got an extra glucosamine? It took us about three tries before we could leave the house, we wanted to be on the road and arrive before Noon. So the night before we had agreed on meeting at 10:15 so we could get going at 10:30. We got the truck loaded, then we go to leave but we had to go back in and get the keys. So I'll leave you with this thought, It's time for a joint safety meeting, we got a lot of things to hash out.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Maybe Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer

Just wait an hour and it'll be which ever season you prefer. Last night while going to work, it was cold and windy that lasted until about Noon today over at the flag post the wind has died down considerably from what it was very early this morning. I love this time of year for several reasons. I like it when the seasons change , the air seems so crisp and fresh. My favorite is being outside with the wildlife, the deer and the raccoons stroll by while I'm working in hopes that I've got something for them. I leave my goodies in the truck locked up . We have some large ravens and they remind me of Heckle and Jeckle the cartoon crows. One night a paper bag got out into the parking lot and this one raven hopped over on one foot sneaking up on it I suppose. I decided to take a break and watch the show. He gets up to the back of the bag and jab's at it, the bag moves, he hops back and waits. There is nothing in this bag but one can't be too cautious . After ten minutes of sneaking up and jabbing the bag repeatly he goes around to the front of the bag. His friend has been watching all of this commotion and now that it seems harmless joins him. You could almost hear their conversation, "I'm not sticking my head in there you stick your head in the bag. No, go ahead it's safe I'll be right here. Just hop on up and run in." These two ravens play with this bag for quite awhile, finally, the orignal raven gets up his nerve and gets in the bag. Now the fun really begins, he's acting like he can't get out! His buddy hops over and watches closely, "Are you alright?" The bag rattles, "I said , are you alright?" The raven now has the bag upright with him walking around so all you really see is a walking moving bag. Everytime his buddy would get close to him ,he'd hop making the bag move and his buddy would freak out. I guess he'd had enough fun so he flips the bag over and exist cawing loudly. Only thing I could make out was,"Gotcha".

My Friend Sent Me This Picture.

Now I want a pet. Someone who for a mere cookie will listen to everything I say and not tell me they've already heard that the first dozen times. I didn't know they had fingers. I wonder if the critter knows the Hamster Song.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Ok, yesterday my g/f tells me I can have any thing I want. My red flags go to half mast. I 'm thinking about it while I'm playing virtual pool. "anything, anything, ANYTHING". Then she leaves and goes and plays pool at the pool hall. anything, I say out loud. I get up and get ready and go out on the town .I go and have this wonderful seafood combination platter and white wine. Then I go walking around and ran into some friends , we party for a little while. Two hours before having to be at work I return home, mind you this is at 1 a.m. I sit down and I go to finish my pool game . IT'S NOT THERE! ok, I think ,I would only space out on the time and be late for work, ok. Now I did "NOT" do anything mind you. and the chance was there but I was a good girl. phttt.. This morning I return home from work and guess what is back in the PC. Do you think I should not trip on this at all, inquire about it, or laugh it off ? It bothers me that she wasn't home at least by 2:45 when I left for work, but then I'd be giving it away that I knew she came back from pool and took my game somewhere w/o first asking . any comments or suggestions?