Friday, May 26, 2006

What Are You're Planns For This Memorial Day?

Everyone have a safe Memorial Day and w/o going into some long speech because I am "Not" running for any office, be sure to remember our Service men and women here and abroad.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Daily Battle

****************************** ******** Mrs. Robin, she has made eating the nectar and stripping the guava tree bare of it's flowers a game. If I get lucky enough to catch her landing in the tree before I can grab the water gun she's off sitting on the telephone wire twettering at me. This has been going on for awhile . Every since she had those babies and gave them some now worms aren't good enough anymore.
******************************* ********* One day Mrs. Robin , I can wait.
***************************** **********

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

4 days in Las Vegas

You know we spent two weeks packing one bag for two people to go for 4 days. That wasn't easy to both agree on the basics things that we would use and not use while on the trip. We had to get someone to take care of Tennessee while we were gone and also Lorretta, the parrot. Finally on Mother's day we were packed, the lady down the street was going to come and look after the rabbit and Mom was taking care of the bird. We had to set two alarm clocks and have someone to make sure we didn't over sleep and miss our flight. Now the week we were in Las Vegas was the big BCA pool 8/9 ball touraments. The highlight of the trip was getting to meet and talk to Allison Fisher "The Duchess Of Doom", I personally, can die and go to Heaven. It was fun seeing people we hadn't seen in a year or so, kinda like one big family reunion., but better! Then after all these years of going to Vegas for this event, my name was called and I yes yours trully pulled the 13 ball out of the barrell at "Slots of Fun" and Won!!!! (the picture is horrible, it is clearly obvisious that I am in a state of shock) six years of practice and you'd think I could have had a better look on my face! Now after that we ran off to dinner at Gilley's Bar and Saloon, yep the one that has the mechincal bull. yup, that's the one. "Oh the 12 oz. steaks were soooo good and the mudwrestling after dinner was well I told ya I'd have to act it out for you........ wait a minute, Dr. Ree that's enough water in the backyard, pretty soon you're gonna have mud back there.... I'm sorry what you want me to come down and try out the new pool, but it's full of mud....."

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Little White Chicken Legs No More!

Well after a few days in the Las Vegas Sun, my little white chicken legs now have a nice golden glow. I went from lobster red legs to chicken delight almost overnight. I'd love nothing more to tell ya about mine and Dr. Ree's adventures, afterall we are the "Adventure Team". Thing is I'd have to act it all out for you. Good to get away but it sure is good to get "Home".

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mothers' Day!

My Best Friend Ever!

sent me this picture, so I'd like to share and wish all of you, Calm peaceful days.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Quietly relaxing and enjoying the morning and my
cigarette I waited for my friend to meet me as we were going to go to breakfast . It wasn't any different from any other day.
Finally we made it to breakfast and on our way back over to the "Starbucks" a blackbird dive bombed me. "What in this world", I thought as the little critter caught me completely off guard. Then again he circled and began coming back for another attempt at pecking at me. This time I was a little more aware but still startled and I swatted at him missing. The war was on I had swung back at the determined crazed bird. The third time he dared to dive at me again as he came closer the wind from his flapping wings made a terrible humming sound and the wind picked up giving him a turbo boost of engery. I knew what I had to do and there was no time to plann a real stragety. The dirty little bird was aimming his neddle nose beck and into the dive position it went. Just as he aproched and was about to make a direct hit. I smacked him to the ground. Yes I snatched his feathery butt right out of the air. He got up unhurt and flew away and left us alone. "Oh what a day"!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Look Beyond The Ball!

Here is a lesson , it can apply to pool as well as life. "Look beyond the ball", walk around the table , what you think you see may not be to your advantage to shoot or take. Walking around the table gives you that perspective of seeing the "Both" sides of the story/ table. **** That is my lesson for today.**** Now on to more fun stuff.*** The first time in two weeks I go out to dinner, been going to this resturant for years. I order my usually combination seafood platter, but this time I order sauteed instead of fried. My friend wants a steak sandwhich. "Chef Cannot CooK'" "Chef" make food taste terrible, chef need to be fried! So anyway we talk this over with the owner and she agreeds chef-boy made big mess of dinner. We pay for the wine and start to leave, I suggested to the owner that she get him an easy bake oven to learn on. I felt bad for my friend who is a waitrees there but she's told owner over and over that he's lossing customers for her. It's too bad cause the resturant has a good reputation and long loyaly clinetiel. Maybe something good came out of all of this, let's hope.

Monday, May 01, 2006

A Day W/O Immigrants?

Well ok, if staying away from work makes you happy, create your own holiday! Now anyone wanting to particapate in "A Day W/O Skye" can join in if you wish. On May 15th. people will discover that I will not be taking care of their crap for them. I won't be cleaning the house, picking up after anyone, taking messages, making coffee for anyone at all. So as of right now I am proclaiming May 15th,2006 "A Day W/O Skye", feel free to replace my name with yours. :)