Monday, January 30, 2006

Driving along on the frontage road barely doing 25 mph. Something flashes and out of the corner of my eye there she is keeping up with me . Giving me that look, instinctly, I knew she was going race me. No, sorry you've got me mistaken for someone else . This back road is often used for drag racing . She kept glancing at me, I was starting to get nervous. All to soon the road turns into the freeway, I was concerned that she would try and cut me off, forcing me into evasive action. I drop back ever so slightly, matching me stroke for stroke, as I slowed so would she. Exhaust rising up in the cold night like billows from a chimney, drifting , blending and surrounding us like a milky blanket. The dynamics between us was mounting, never taking my eyes off the road. My air compressor released the excess air, it was if someone had fired a start gun the race was on cutting me off diagonally. I could see her breath as she exhaled with every stride . Through my windshield I could see her face . Turnning her head and looking directly at me. Yes, you live to see another sunrise , I say to her as she disappears into the darkness of the night.

Birthday Greetings Going Out To Aquarius

"Happy Birthday to all of you Aquarians".

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I Need Help, I'm Dazed And Confused

Could some one, any one explain to me what"Emerency Mask" is, I know it's a product. I should proably get out more in the daytime, when I saw it my first thought was; emerency mask for when you forget to bring your own...2. when a regular ski mask just won't do...3. comes in different flavors and colors....4. cucumber in a tube....************* Well, this has bothered me all night, I have more important things to ponder than this, I hope. Offered up for discussion today by our lovely hand waving model, "Please show the contestants and the folks at home what's behind door number three." "OMG, Shut that door quickly". ****( free to use your imagination ) , I wonder "if" something embarrassing like that ever happened on a game show? See, I told you I had important things to ponder!!! *********** We were freezing our mittens off last night, had cloud cover but because it's been all rain the ground was CCold and so were we. You know at a certain time all music stops while talk shows have the air waves. Finding more music can be fusstrating, well, I have to have Music so I found a station that was playing International Music. I begin to sing in Greek and my helper says , "What are you saying"? I am singing, "Drink, to you I drink". (I only knew this because, while he was outside of the truck the announcer gave the name of the song), but being the lively one I played it off as though I was knew it . I see that we are out of time here so I will leave you with a thought for the day, , what was it? You know what really bothers me, why do they run commercials for beds, mattresses, and or did you get a good night sleep, in the middle of the night? If I am hearing this at 3:30 A.M. I couldn't have gotten a good nights sleep, hello! Ok, I'm gone to lay down on my duck bed and dail a number to sleep on, let's see I like #72, no to high, how about 14, much better. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, January 27, 2006

Jet Airliner

"as I get on the 707 ridin' high I get tears in my eyes" The Steve Miller Band , "Jet AirLiner" One lonely night the phone rings , I don't recognise the voice. I'm cautious to a point , but I was also wanting to get out of this bad situation . I'm your sister, yeah right, if your my sister why'd your ever let them take me, You were suppose to protect me, not hand me over willingly. I need proof. Low and behold, she did have the secrect proof. One thing lead to another and soon she would be arriving at Hartsville Airport, we made plans to meet. I'm thinking how am I going to recognise her, well that was the easy part, we're the spitting image of each other. Time came for her to return to San Francisco. There's really nothing here for me, I'm thinking, so in a nutshell I made my decision to go . Dec. 31 st. 1981, the wings were icing up, we were to be the last flight out due to an ice storm sweaping across the South, the pilot gave us the chance to stay or go ,we all chanted go. All across the nation as we crossed the time zones, the flight attendants brought out a new bottle of champange. I've never once regretted my decision. It's strange how life plays out, who would ever have guessed I'd had so much courage and strenght to make a decision by myself. Finally , just a footnote, 20 years later, I've got my self esteem back. :)

part II

"I still haven't found what I'm looking for" U2

Just follow the rules, why do you want to cause trouble, can't you just be like the rest of us, what's wrong with you/ are you on drugs, I don't know who you are anymore. You need to get married and start a family, ugh, these were all the comments bombbarding me from my family. I couldn't talk to any of my friends about this whole thing for one they all had families and I didn't think that they would understand. I tried putting all of this on a back burnner, however, I don't do simmer very well . It was in my last semester in college durring mid-terms , minutes away from beginning the tests. I decided that going to the restroom would be an excellent idea. All I had to do was cross the hall, at the percise second that my hand extended for the door BAM! to the floor I go. I openned my eyes and saw the most handsomest man I'd ever seen. He was kneeling beside me, "Hello, are you alright, I'm so sorry I was going to the restroom and I'm so sorry are you ok, here take my hand." He extends his hand and gently lifts me , still holding me, ( I must have been wobbly), " Can I help you get back to your class?" Finally , my words form but there is no sound so I point to the room across the hall. "Are you sure your alright?" All I did manage to say is "mm". I had never seen him before and it would be a while before I would see him again. I had given up on "Mystery Man" , I decided it was all a fluke anyway. Days/weeks/months . One day on my way out to my car he drives by me, stops , backs up and we begin to date, four years later we get married after he came back from Naval Officers 's School. Things were good for awhile, I learned to cook but not like his Mother and thus the arguements began, he would eat at Mom's come home to me and what was I suppose to do with all of this food? One thing lead to another, then the physical fights , all because I was cutting out coupons and reciepies. It went on and on ,over and over, until one night I'd had all I could stand. I thought the unthinkable , at the last split second I decided I wasn't ready to make new friends and murder still wasn't legal yet. Yes, I was this miserable. I felt like there was no-one who'd want to listen , my bruises wheren't just physical but deep emotional damage. My self esteem was gone. I had to get out but how ?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Story Of How I Named This Blog

It all began while on the bus going to Andrea's first tourament. I had been thinking about blogging before we left to go to San Diego, unfortunately I had no idea what to call it. Wanda's World sounded eh, no I don't think so. Then there we were in the hotel and everyone had t-shirt's that were making some sort of statements. I was watching the experts assemble the pool tables, adjust the legs and level the table, adjust some more, read the level again. When this man walked by wearing a t-shirt that said ,"Does this condom make me look fat", and I heard a voice exclaim, "Perfect". I always look for signs, wheter they are real signs or what have you. This goes way back in my early life and times, when my Mom worked and the sweetest dearest lady took care of me, I was all of about 4 yrs. old. , we'd go over to the Indian Mounds and walk the trails and I 've never felt more at home than when I'm in the woods. Mary had a very hard time getting me to wear clothes. I always wanted to be free to expirence everything, the grass between my toes, the wind pressing on my back as I ran wildly around the old wooden house. I wasn't born into my family that I grew up in, I was #6 ,( my favorite number by the way) . I don't know the whys and how comes all I know is that I'm ever so grateful for the outcome and that someone cared enough to adopt me. There was a time when I was very angry about being robbed of growing up without my 4 brothers and 1 sister. It's taken alot of years to get over it, but there were days when I'd given anything to have a sister to be able to call and see what she's up too. I didn't even know except that I always felt disconnected like my roots weren't anchored properly. I asked my Mom over and over, the conversation always ended the same way both of us upset with each other. One day while at work I recieved a phone call, the lady knew stuff that only I knew so I became my own detective and did more reseach and soon I located my birth Mom. One Easter, I skipped the main service and went and met my birth Mom. Holy cow was I ever nervous, I wasn't sure what I was openning up. Well, very strange how things turn out. She had been watching me grow up from afar as I was the only one of the six that lived in the same town . We both cried and hugged and cried some more. She told me how the family had fallen apart and how she did what she thought was best for all of us. How it nearly killed her and how she had prayed that one day she'd get to really see me. She said my sister had been trying to reach me and the only way my birth/mom could think of getting hold of me was through the person that had phoned me at work. Some how here I felted betrayed, if this person knew all of this why did I have to go through two years of hell narrowing down this trail. I left her duplex feling a wide range of emotions. I wanted to lash out at someone, so I went for a long ride. I found myself at the Indian Mounds sitting in the hut where they'd smoke and talk over dreams. All I could do was cry. I 'd sworn off all crying at ten years old, never again would anyone ever see me crying. The sunlight began to change in the hut so I got up and went home to my trailer. All I could do was listen to was Hall and Oates, Private Eyes, finally with a very tear soaked pillow I fell asleep~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~part II~~ tomorrow

Dancing C'Mon Let's Hit The Dance Floor!

Hey Mister, Ohhh Mister turn the music up right now. Everybody put your hands up if ya feel me!

A Gale Warnning!!!

Gale, get out of the house........ I know old joke can I help it if Benny Hill is tops in my book... OOH, look a little old bald headed man , c'mere honney I need to pat the top of your head.~~~~~ Today there is "B L U E " in the sky, the clouds are few ! What a beautiful moon last night , I call it a fingernail moon cause there was only a silver of it showing.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Long as I remember the rains been coming down"

Ahhh, finally there is my familar friend falling softly from the sky as though they could be snow flakes drifting in front of the headlights before reaching the ground. I humour myself and try to distract my mind from the rain. I spend most of my night dodgging cloud burst and puddles that have nowhere to runoff to and dry out. Is it rainning or is that tiny sheets of sleet? It's too cold to be rain got to be sleet. My co-worker doesn't talk much on a dry night and even less on a rainy night , this leaves me alone with my thoughts of what to "blog" about, my mind is drained. Damn this rain! "and I wonder, still I wonder who'll stop the rain"

"Somewhere Out There" by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram

My cat Chyrsler looked like this one but Chyrsler would never ever have shared anything with a bird much less a Mockiing bird or a Bluejay. Oh sure they'd been invited to dinner and the little trophies would have been displayed as a warning to future featherd friends that would have had misplaced trust. Chyrsler would hide in the corner of the garage and wait until an unsuspecting bird would wander up the driveway as they neared the front wheels of the truck she'd make this sound from the back of her throat to warn them to "Halt, Come no Futher", if they ingored the one and only warning their feathered ----- were hers. At first I was horrified at the carneiage . Then my friend reminded me that it was a survial of the fitess sort of thing. Well whatever, but does she have to be so "Wicked" about it, I'd wonder.
Then in '90, we were planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Chrysler was relaxing on my motorcycle seat, just kicking back and admireing her image in the right mirror and as I walked by her with a suitcase I swear she said my name. Again my friend told me I was Crazzzzy cat's don't talk, well they don't bark either but that's the noise she'd make at the birds. One night it was cold foggy damp and almost rainning, I'd been out on the road for a few days and I'd tried calling home with every chance I 'd get, no answer. Finally, I get hold of my friend, my first question was , "Where's Chyrsler?" No answer, silence, I ask again, this time my friend said "Are you sitting down?". "We can't find her and it's getting late." "Don't close the door on her keep searching I said, she's close by just don't close the door." I came in the next mornning it was too quite . A spooky kind of quite the one where you already know but you don't have the details and you pray that you're feelings in you're gut are wrong. Chyrsler was named after the type of car she was found in and it was a Ford that did her in. She had climbed into the motor area to stay warm that night. We rushed her to the vet. they could try and make a wheelchair contraption for her but her quality of life would be overwhelmly reduced. We'd have to help her with every aspect of living from eating to going to the bathroom. This was the hardest decision I'd ever had to make so far. I spent some time with her kissing her head, she lifted her right paw up to me and softly meowed my name. I knew she was telling me it was ok. I kissed her one more time and heard her purr as she difted away. I'm sorry , I have tears streaming down my cheeks as I type this and it's been 15 years later. Everytime I hear the song "Somewhere Out There" by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram , I cry and say I pray for Chyrsler cause I know we're wishing on the same bright star.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Miss Laura tagged me to list 8 things about my Lover/Partner so here goes. 1 .Carring and Considerate of others feelings and needs . 2. Strong character , doesn't give in to whims of her peers. 3. Patient, with me and with everyone she meets. 4. Can explain things so that I can understand them. 5. Can handle stress really well. 6. Manages her time effectly. 7. Minds her own business. and finally #8 drum roll~~~ 8. She loves me!

Monday, January 23, 2006

First Concert I ever went to

It was at Wesleyan College and it was a sliding fee, I think we actually paid a buck. I had just learned to drive and it was a push button transmittion. Long before they had off road cars there was me, driving on the sidewalk. You'd be surprised how much room there is between a mailbox and a telephone pole. You could drive a car between them!! Janis Joplin's"Mercedes Benz" was very popular, "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz? My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends, Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends, So, Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz". I thought of these songs because they both caused quite a stir when they came out, "Cream's" Sunshine Of Your Love and then Janis Joplin's song ;"Of great political Importance" by Janis Joplin.

"Have A Heart"

This is one of my favorite artist and "Have A Heart" I like this song alot.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Just Another Night

Last night was like a walk on the wild side. It's been raining here since the 16th of December and the other day it rained while the sun was shinning. So last night I listened to the news nothing was mentioned about rain in the forecast. No rain to me means Cold in place of rain. I dress like I was going into a freezer. Well, I no sooner got out onto the side walk and down from the Heavens it poured. I suppose it was holding off just to rain on me. I step into my favorite late night cofffee shop and out of the corner of my eye I see this old lady in the rain. I hand her enough money to get coffee and a doughnut, at least she was out of the rain for awhile. I go toward work and do my thing and as I'm about to leave the yard I hear all this commotion.
There is a bar across the street and this couple both clearly intoxicated are yelling at each other. She collapses onto the curb. He is still yelling the rain is coming down in buckets she is in tears. I cann't stand to see people yelling and this goes back to my childhood, so I have to go over and I politely asked him to knock it off and step back. He did, I help her up and get her to a dry area, told her she could stay there as long as she needed to compose herself. Then I went about doing my thing again. Later I see her making her way across the street, he plain out left her. I 'll be glad when Spring arrives.

Friday, January 20, 2006

This is my "best Friend" when I let him have his way and he gets to listen to his favorite radio station. Right now he's nice and quite and mellow, he's listening to Midnight Cruiser by Steely Dan, he wanted to hear Dead Skunk in the Middle of the road, I keep telling him there is no such song. Wait a moment he said something, "PUMP IT" . Ok, is that better I turned it up. "LOUDER" "L O U D E R" "LOU DER" Hey Monkey that's as loud as it goes. Well I guess I'll just go make some bananna pudding!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Got A New Attitude/ A New Team/ A New Season

Ok don't hurt yourself laughing at this one. I am now on a new team we consist of Maria, myself and Peter, Paul and Kirt, we call ourselves, "Judi's Booty" the guys came up with it and believe me it was the best one out of five, no you don't want to know the other suggestions... Tonight was our anual award night, it was full of fun , laughter, a game of Turkey where everyone plays and as you get three strikes your out of the game. We were all scrambling to pick up new players and make sure that all the teams had enough players to begin the season in two weeks. The food was catered by the resturant next door to the Cinch, I believe it was "Miller's Deli" well I hope so cause I got the name off of someone's shirt. Guess it's a good thing he wasn't wearing "Earl Gas Station". If you are ever in San Franciso, do drop in at the Cinch, it's a real friendly bar, Woody is the main bartender, they have two pool tables a patio that's covered so if it's raining you won't get wet. The Cinch is located between Clay and Washington on Polk, it's decorated in Western artifacts from rust to cowboy boots with a sprinkling of aliens. Everyone is welcomed at the Cinch, so come on down some time.

Latino Pop

Thalia, oh, now I like her music and even though I don't speak Spanish, for some strange reason I can understand her songs. I really like her videos.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I am sadden to read the Los Angeles Times this morning, it seems that some already endangered species of sea turtles have washed up on shore. This is just another example of how global warming and bacteria already in the ocean is affecting All of us as yet another species may possibly disappear . The OliveRidleys, Hawksbills and the Black Sea Turtle, usually the turtles biggest threat is hunters and reptiles are hard to kill and they are washing up on shore in tact. This is not a good thing.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Billboard Right In Front Of You Says.....

Thursday morning as the night gave way to daylight this was the first thing I saw, "Show Me The Monkey!", I have been laughing ever since. Yes, I can hardely wait till Februrary. Show Me The Monkey!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Vacation 101

Hello everyone, it's good to get away but oh boy there's nothing like home sweet home! Cathy recommended the book,"Tuesday's With Morrie", and I read the whole book before the train ride was over and this is quite a feat for me. So now I'm going to try and read a book a month. The things I learned from the book were immediately put into action. I'm having to use Andrea's laptop my monitor is behaving badly today I guess it missed me. We boarded the bus at 5 A.M. for a two hour ride to catch the train, it doesn't come to San Francisco, you have to get it either in Emeryville or Stockton. We were able to grab seats with a table and that was really nice to be able to strecth out. I totally forgot the camera, had plenty of new batteries but no camera. So I have to get intouch with my friend who did bring their camera. Already I miss wakeing up before sunrise and enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck over looking the still waters of Queensway Bay and watching the pelicans and the ducks playing together. It took me a little while to realize that every two hours the Queen Mary would sound off with an loud blasts from her bellows. The first time it happened I looked at Andrea and cautioned her on eating too many burritos!!! The tourament went great, they were battling it out tooth and nail. When it came down to the final women's match everyone was quite and bitting nails and hanging on the edge of their seats. It was a race to three and one girl was already one game up, then they went on the hill(tied up)this is where alot of praying and biting nails came into play. They both move up two all, no one is leaving the room not even for drinks the bartender and some of the hotel staff have stopped all activies to watch the final showdown. The referee racks the balls the last game is underway. They are put on a shot clock they now have 60 seconds to make their shots. The tension is mounting still no one is moving. This could be the last shot right here, she lines up her shot takes a deep breath the referee anounces 30 seconds she shoots the cue ball strikes the eight ball sending it into the rail comes off the rail goes around the remaining stripe ball and falls into the side pocket. The room comes alive with cheering and congratulions, San Digeo wins the Women's Division. I truly felt as if I had a heart attack !! It's moments like this that I live for, to me this is what pool is all about, skill, preseverence and a little bit of Luck. Monday morning arrived and with it brought one more morning on the deck enjoying the pelicans and ducks with my coffee. This day gave me three little baby sparrows who sat and chirped to me a beautiful morning song. They were so cute they even brought me some of their bird nest material. We went to breakfast and I had this wonderful Greek omelet. Thanks to The Thinking Man's Babe, I have had omelets on the brain for a week now and I finally got one. Here come my babies to see if I will share my toast. I did but not at the resturant, Andrea thinks I'm crazy because I talk to all animals even the birds. A bee landed on her and I told her to sit still, I walked over put my hand out and coaxed it onto my hand and took it out of the immediate area and it flew away. Ok, so I'm a little crazzy! We have to catch our bus that will take us to Bakersfield for the train. We were waiting and the bus arrives, the time frame from one connection to the next is small, we board the bus and his mirror falls off, well not really off maybe limp is a better description. Hmmm, can mirrors go limp? So, we wait for the mechanic to arrive and tigthen the mirror. Ok, all set down the road we go, next stop Union Station in LA. Pick up more people and back out on the highway. Somehow we pick up time and things are looking good then, then, then the bus loses all power and but of course we just missed the rest area so we have to be stranded on the freeway. The freeway where no one is doing less than 65 mph, the bus barely hobbled to the shoulder. Sitting in the first seat is a commerical driver behind him is me and behind me is yet another commerical driver. He radios for assistance they send another bus, another bus that has an oil leak and won't make it up the GrapeVine!! The three of us drivers are furious! We know all this could have been avoided had the driver pretriped that bus from the begining, the limp mirror was the outward sign of things wrong. One of the guys got pictures of the drivers just standing there and all of our luggage thrown out onto the iceplants. I'd been patient long enough several of us really needed a smoke. So being the rebel that I am I lead the march to freedom, out the door we went to plant our butts in the iceplants along with our luggage and have a cigarette. We all expected the driver to try and tell us to get back in the bus he was clearly out numbered. The third bus pulls up and we begin out pilgrimage to the next bus. Some driver radios him from the opposite freeway and says the train is two hours late. What the driver didn't say was which train was late, so our driver assumes that it's our train ( has anyone ever heard of Never Assume) he begins to drive as if it's Sunday and no one has anywhere to go... Meanwhile we are all asking questions "WTH". By now we are extremly late and dispacth as been trying to get a fix on his location. OMG there is Bakersfield 48 miles, 25 miles yes! We pulled into the station that bus emptied out so quickly we were all glad to see Bakersfield. Well it was a trip right, right, come June we will be renting a car.

Home Sweet Home, "Oh Auntie Emm" !!!

Hey! Look out the kid is back and do I have quite the story to tell but you'll have to wait till tomorrow cause I just shuffled in and I'm so tried, yes too tired to blog! Just wanted to let ya know I'm back!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Yes Happiness Is Reflected In Many Different Ways!

Way to Go Texas Longhorns!

Break Time

It's breaktime and so far I've gotten alot done but there is still more to do before the train pulls out at 5 a.m. So now for awhile I'll watch Texas vs.USC The Rose Bowl. I seem to be the lone voice pulling for Texas that's ok. "Hook'em Longhorns"

Today no play!

Lots to do today, I played all day yesterday so now I have everything to do today. I'm gonna get on it and then be back and relax til time to get on the train.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

All I Need Is A Miracle

Yeah, I'm feeling like a devil, a devil just itching to get out on the dance floor. A few spinns around and oh boy, I can hardly wait to get outa here! "I'd drive a million miles to be with you tonight, so if you're feeling low just turn on your radio, Everybody have fun tonight everybody wang chun tonight". "Oh oh oh oh, so let's sink another drink and it'll give me time to think, If I had the chance I'd ask the world to dance", Leave a light on for me, darling leave a light on for me. I'll be there before you close the door to give you all the love that you need. Darlin' leave the light on for me..leave a light on." Oooo something's got a hold of me now, I think I'm in love, cause I can't get enough. I know I'm getting excited bout getting away, well so far I've cleanned my pool stick . I'm really getting far. "Can you hear me calling out your name, I think I've fallen, I want to be with you everywhere,Ahhhh, I want to be with you everywhere".
Holly Cow! I've got just a few hours to get out my pool stick and clean it up and wax it and and and... then I have to pack (that part ought to be easy since I only have a couple of things left I can still fit in) but most importantly I've got to make out a menu of snacks to take with me, I cann't afford the prices they charge for a soda and chips on the train. Let's see it's eight hours so I can figure being hungry every couple at that rate the two clothes I have that fit won't by the time I get there! I need to get out my cd player and new batteries, which reminds me new batteries for that stupid camera that I can not figure out how to work , does any one have a kid I can borrow? I'm hoping we're bringing her laptop I cann't bear to be w/o acess to you guys and gals. If I cann't get on right after I wake up OMG do I get cranky!!! I need to work on this bad habit. Not today though... See this is why I don't do N.W. Resloutions, they always end up "not today". But first it's Lunchtime!

Monday, January 02, 2006

The Friday Night Storm

Friday night I woke up looked out the window and sighed the rain was coming down in sheets. I go to the bathroom and precede to get dressed while I'm figuring out what exactly to wear, I can hear the rain just pounding on the rooftop of this apartment building. This is not going to be a good night. I find my work boots that I have saturated with so much scotch guard, I think I've used two cans on them. Then I force my boots into the rubber rain shoes, it took me awhile to figure out how to tie my laces once I got rubbers over them. I put on an old sweatshirt that I didn't care if it got ruined , I knew I'd be living in my raincoat so I didn't want to get too hot and work up a sweat. This is the funny part, I don't go to far w/o my ballcap so I didn't want "IT" wet and the blue dye running into my eyes, I find a small plastic bag and fit it to my cap. Check my pockets, yep everything is there chapstick, change for phonecall, like who would be up at 3 a.m.? Now I am ready to wiggle into my yellow overalls. I don't like the straps up around my shoulders so I tie 'em off at the waist, I look like ElleMay of the Clampets dressed in yellow. Friday night was a big party night and there were lots of people all around , I know I looked funny, I felt funny fact I felt plain out stupid, why would anyone be out in this mess! Why am I out here? We had a small window of no rain, I fuel my truck , pre-trip it, check the lights ,the wipers hunt down a few dry towels and a couple of flashlights. Now mind you , "I'm No Stranger To The Rain" Keith Whitly, I've driven proffessionaly for 25 years, I'm use to inclement weather but this storm takes the cake! On the first part of the journey, it was ok we were able to get a 1/4 of the night done and get to a spot were we'd be trapped for 2 hours while the rain just pelted us. We were about ten blocks from the ocean and it looked like the ocean coming up the street wave after wave and the wind, oh the wind we could hear trees givinng way to the forces of the storm all around us, Pow! crack creakkk shuss oump! The firetrucks patroled the streets quietly trying to sorta acess the damage it was too early. Daylight was too be delayed due to the heavy black cloud over the area. We finished up just as the last shopping cart got airborne and flew pass us. I sat in the cab and made notes on my paperwork, stalling for time hoping that there would be a break in the action. I so didn't want to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge with wind gust any where from 45-60mph. Usually, I don't get demanding but tonight I Told my helper I wanted him to buckle his seatbelt, if we get into a tight spot I would not have time to push him back into his seat. He falls asleep the second he sits down and he has fallen out of that seat more times than I care to recall. So buckle up and go to sleep, please. Traveling at maxium speed limit that night due to road conditions was I'd guess maybe 40, there were tree tops strecthing out into the roads. I saw this from a distance so I put my hazards on and the five cars behind me moved over to the next lane, then they saw the tree down one car actually thanked me for alerting them do the danger by doing his lights. That was nice, your welcomed I mumbled. The rain is now coming down at two inches per hour, and the drains can't handle it. Water is standing every palace. We heard of one story the guy drove into a puddle that had not been marked yet and in 12 minutes the car was submerged and he had to break the back window to escape just as his car floated off. Across the bridge we go, I take a deep breath, it wasn't untill we reached the other side the Marin side that I exhaled and thanked God for getting us safely across. No street lights, so dark and where is morning? There is an area that is prone to flooding even on a good day I knew it would be bad there but what I saw was beyond belief. Now you know my truck sits up high and we can get thru most everything, not tonight . Nope the wheels of the truck where covered in water. Thank the officals for posting a road block and we weren't allowed to enter. We head north toward Novato, it isn't much better, the levy behind the hospital has breached and crews are scrambling to shore it up. We make it in and out just as the river begins to flow over it's banks. My helper looks at me and says; "Oh my". We see cars being escorted by the highway patrole thru the five foot water. Caltrans crews dragging trees out of the streets, PG&E trucks trying to keep up with the storm. We get back to San Francisco, fire trucks are headed to the area we just came from, it is defintely the storm of record. We made it in one piece a little wet, and defintely weary.
Work be done ... Vacation begun!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Storm 2005

I don't recall when the rain began falling it started with one single drop then another and another. The two found other raindrops and invited them to join in the fun. Soon the small party of raindrops had a full pledged block party going on all over the whole Northwestern part of the Pacific. It wasn't enough for them, these raindrops wanted to party all night long and into the next day. A week later their little party had managed to do serious damage to a widespread area. They invited the wind to the party, Wind blew and Howled and every once in awhile Wind would let go with a frightening Gust. Rain and Wind had a fantastic time. Just for fun Rain soaked deep into the ground, the trees liked the rain it felt good to the dry thristy roots,"More", the trees squeeled in delight. Rain obliged the trees and gave them more just like they requested more and more , rain circled the big old trees playing a silly game around and around until the only place left to go was under the tree. The trees were tickled and and laughed and rocked from all of the excitment. Wind not wanting to be outdone, took a deep breath and let go. The force of the gust caught the trees off balanced and being old they couldn't catch their balance as qickly as the younger ones. They began to topple , break and fall to the ground. Some trees fell on cars, some missed the cars and fell acrossed the roadway. Rain was too busy getting carried away to notice the damage their partying was causing everywhere they went. Word got out that Rain and Wind were having a party, High Tide, was in town and came on over. The only way to the party was over the embankment, up the river and the canals thru the creeks and onto the streets. High Tide had arrived, Wind and Rain welcomed the newcomer to the party. The party had spilled out onto the highway reducing four lanes to two if not single lanes. I would love to say the end however that is not the case. We are bracing for another round of this "Wild Wicked Weather". If you don't have to be out in severe weather then please don't go out. The people that know what they're doing can work alot easier if they don't have to worry about other factors. There are down powerlines, high water and it's very swift and dangerous. If you go to Looking Out...Looking In Wendy C. has some excellent pictures that are very descriptive of this storm.