Friday, September 30, 2005

See I Told You We Had Snow In San Francisco!

It was too much fun and it was on our hotest day here, the temperature was 86 . Now let's see Sat. there's the Bluegrass Festival, and Sunday it's the Castro Street Fair and did I say last weekend was busy? The party continues right on into Halloween!!!! Yeah we built this city on rock and roll.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I've gone to see the ski jump in San Francisco

Snow in San Francisco yes sir re bob! Over on Fillmore, gotta go before it melts. It's in the high 80's here today . I'm melting I'm melting!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Put down the cellphone and "DRIVE"

This past weekend was one of the most busiest in S.F. there was the war protest on sat. it took me four times walking around the block in the streets with 100,000 people before I worked my way to the sidewalk where my apartment is located. Sunday there was the Folsom Street Fair. This is where people that like being on short leashes and collars parade their naked ugly asses for the whole world to see. I was going to go to it but I realized I had nothing to wear. The best was the 49'ers were playing at Monster Park against the Cowboys. It took me three hours to go from Menlo Park to downtown SF. which is only 26 miles, but we had to wait while hustlers sold their tickets to the people on the freeway. I finally make it to one intersection away from work, one traffic signal and I can go to the restroom. Around here it's ok to keep driving if the light changes to red, you don't get a ticket or even a sideways glance from the officer sitting on his bike. The light changes everyone around me goes but not the lady in the car ahead of me. She has to make a call on her cell phone. Not if my bladder can help it No your Not! I grab the air horn one loud blast and the phone flies yes flies out the window. She just drove off leaving the phone in the street.

Train Wreck and I'm The Conductor! WOO-WOO!!

Ok so last night we got wiped out.I was smart enough to go and open the restroom door cause I saw our ratings heading for the toliet bowl.That'll be the only Bowl game we get to play in at the end of the season, the Toliet Bowl. I'm not pissed at our team we all played our very best, well I did, and I feel certain that the others did too. The thing of it was the other team is good but they aren't like the #1 team either, but I've gotten better rolls at a bakery. When we left the bar, my Captain was on the verge of crying, "Don't cry, let's go see my old girlfriend she'll make us laugh". Leave it to me to make matters worse! I must have missed the course in college relationship 101. But I was right not only did she makes us laugh but she rubbed it in our face that their sister team beat us so bad that we should quit the league! I looked at Andrea, "There see I told ya she'd make us laugh." Now the whole other team is roaring with laughter. We all gather our stuff and walk home. Nothing like true friends to make ya feel better.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wish I had some Mac and Cheese!

It's Tuesday and I'm so tired I could fall asleep standing up, but I can't just yet. My soouper visor asked me to work one more day one more shift so I did because for some reason I haven't learn to pronounce "NO" correctly, it always comes out sounding like ,"hmmm". Around 6:30 he calls me and , I'm thinking about the saying in the picture. He just wanted to see if I was alright. Now I'm worried...I must be tired, GMA was just talking about men having babies. Geena Davis looks fantastic, I hope I get to watch Commander In Chief. If I want to watch it it's either on durring my sleep time or when I'm suppose to be at work or it's opposite CSI!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Michele the Slut From Hell!

She was a quite cat never got into any fights very peaceful and loving. My opinion too loving. My other cats knew the word no and they would voice their feelings loud and distinctly. Michele was on outward appearances was timid (or so I thought), little did I know when she moved in with us, (me and the other two cats),that Michele lived a secret life she was a slut. She was different from all the other cats in the trailer park, a brown tortoise shell with just enough orange in her coat to make her a Halloween calender kitty. Maybe this was the reason all the males sought her attention every night. After dinner there'd be a scratching at the screen door, my trailer was so small that one step and you were half way through it. I get up to see who was at the door as if it might be a real person scratching! It was Boots, solid black except for his four white boots, which he kept perfectly clean. I thought he'd stop by for dinner, nope , came calling on Michele. Boots wouldn't enter he'd calmly wait out side until Michele was ready to go out. You'd think she was in the bathroom putting on makeup or something when she'd make her grand appearance she'd have I swear it looked like she had gotten into my mascara. Those eyelashes of hers would flutter and bat as if she was Scarlet O'Hara. I 'm not sure if her and Boots ever got together but they would go to the neighborhood gathering together. My other two cats were perfectly happy watching tv and staying in the yard. I don't think they ever got invited to hang out with the locals. Just before daylight Michele would climb in through a window and when I 'd awake she'd be sleeping on the rug. Then one day I noticed Michele had put on some pounds and she wasn't going out every night. I didn't say anything, what can you say any way? One night while at work my best friend calls and tells me that Michele is giving birth what did I want to do? Where, I said, where is she birthing these babies? In the bathroom, Bobby told me. Thank God, ok that's nice. I'll deal with it when I get home, I was about to leave work anyway but now I had to get baby food for kitens. I get home and I start counting the little heads, one two ...nine of them babies she had, Michele looked at me as if to say;"Is that all".The interesting part is when the earthquake happened, Michele had hid the babies one by one. I had just looked in on them about four thirty, thirty minutes before the earthquake all nine were in the box. I went to check on them afterwards and there were no babies in the box. Chyrlser and Popcorn were inside whinning terribly. I went inside to calm and reassure them and myself because everyone in the trailer park was behaving strangely. I go back outside and I see Michele bringing the babies back to the box one by one all nine of them and she counted them when she was done. Michele might have been a slut but she was a damn good mother.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Time line 1989 San Franciso

This made me remember 1989 our big earthquake. There I was living in a crappy moblie home out in Daly City. I was lucky enough to get it for $600.00, lucky I said because it had no working appliances and the floor had gapping holes in it. Lucky cause I now owed property. One afternoon I had found this really cool coffee table that all it needed was a little love and attention and a good coat of polyutherme and voiala all ready for a new life in my crappy trailer. This happy crappy trailer was a poor faux of an Airstream. The only good part of this motor home was that all the lights and tv ran off a 12 volt battery, thus making it the happy crappy trailer! No electricity bills.Yes, I admit it I had a plastic pink flamingo in the driveway along with a lounge chair (that was ratty and torn). So this afternoon there I was sitting in my driveway sanding down the coffee table when a cat runs by me. I thought nothing of the first kitty, when the second and third cat ran by me crying as if something was chasing them I looked up to see what was happenning. I wasn't able to stand up because 19 cats were running and leaping over me as if I was part of the landscape. The last cat leaped over and looked back at me as if to say,"Why are you still sitting there?" Three seconds passed and then the whole ground began to rumble, at this moment I realized why they had ran across my path. My neighbor on the other side of the street was on the earthquake, my trailer was on the safe side that's why all the cats in the trailer park came to my side. When the shaking was over, this happened around 5pm.,only five minutes had passed but it didn't feel that way , it seemed like alot longer. One of the guys had a small tv and he and everyone else was all gathered around it listenning to what had just occured. The SF Giants and the Oakland A's where suppose to play out at Candelstick Park and the announcer was repeating what they had expirenced. None of us knew about the Bay Bridge just yet or about the Marina area. The cartoon made me remember that scary moment.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

So last night we played this team that is out of a Leather Bar. I had three different guys ask me about the Blonde with the long hair, "Oh you mean My girlfriend!" Sadly to say we got our butts tied up and whipped. All I could hear in my head was "Do you enjoy losing? Want some more of this." The only good part of the night was that it ended. I hope my one and only win doesn't ruin my average. Our captain was ready to kick all of us off the team , until I reminded her that without us You got No team! She wants us to qualify for the Big tourament , the way we played last night, ha ha ha! The only thing we did right was get high! It must be Hell playing with a bunch of drunks, I wouldn't know I was one of the drunks! All night long I kept saying Have a beer and losen up, relax. Well there's always next Tuesday night, ha ha ha ha ha!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Company Picnic.

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2005, today is the company picnic, I should go but I don't feel like playing volleyball with anyone. Main reason I'm not going is there won't be no beer! That in it's self is a double negative. Also I don't eat other people's cooking that has sat out for awhile in the open. Then again maybe I will go because one of my roommates broke the toliet and neither one of them is telling. Doesn't matter who broke it, just fix it, "NOW". I should go get dressed before the stranger with the crack shows up. I wonder how they apply for a plumber job? They must model they're bednding over view, "Nope, next" , "Would ya look at the size of that crack on him, you're hired." I wonder if plumbers have fears? I wonder if they look forward to returnning to certain addresses? I know when I was married , Brad ,(he was a tree surgeon), would tell me about this one lady who would call him regularly to have her bushes worked on.At the time I was young and dumb! Today the radio station is giving away tickets for Cirque whichever, so maybe I'll try and win , this should be an all day affair. I'll win the tickets, put them away so I don't lose 'em and when Nov. 11th. gets here I won't be able to locate 'em. This weekend is the big tourament for $2000, smak-a-roo's. I 've even requested the weekend off so I could go and watch Andrea play against some real pro's. (and I wanted to make sure the money got home safely), now she tells me she would just be wasting her entry fee because everyone playing is sssooo much better than her. Well, ok, I reply, after all you know your playing level better than I. Nothing ventured is nothing gained. That purse would go along way toward acheiving your goals and it would be quite the boost in the butt in the savings account. I go and watch her play once in awhile but since I work nights it's hard to sit and watch and stay awake. If I'm playing that's a whole 'nother story, I prepare myself for my matches and I stick to my routine. I try not to allow outside sources interfere with my psyche on pool night . I now must go and medicate, oops, I meant meditate. 4-0 tonight, 4-0 tonight ,4-0 tonight. Where are my ruby red slippers?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I should have made a left back at the last exit on the right.

Maybe today.

The last two days I've had these wonderful subjects to amble on aimlessly with no real destination in mind, however, by the time I work all night come home and clean up after the two Numb and Number,( because they both are "LOST" in their on worlds) I have totally 409'ed my mind and can't remember any of the subjects. One was I was planning on keeping a log of how things are progressing for the big day* that just seemed like a good thing to do right then. The other was I got this radically 3-D virtual pool game and I've been trying to learn the keyboard menu, not an easy as it sounds task for me. I'm much better at taking a carborator apart and rebuilding it . And then there was this Grande argument and it didn't matter how stubborn I was I still didn't win. Throwing the questions back never works for me, I am no good at arguments. Four years ago I decided that I would rather be alone than have any one to care about or care about me. Two years ago I thought I was so happy, then I saw the vision. It was only a brief quick glimpse of beauty beyond compare to any body I'd ever met in my life. Then just that quickly they were out of sight. Poof! Days go by, the winter rain sets in, people don't wear clothes durring this season you just wear raingear. I was returning from the Haight- Ashbury store when I saw the vision again (in a rain poncho that made 'em look like an Angel) I work to hard I thought to myself as we are waving to each other at the same time. The rain suddenly stops and the next two weeks are clear dry and blue. My days off come and go and all I can think about is this Angel, my vision, I have got to meet 'em. The next time I'm at work I was backing the tractor/trailer into the dock, I looked up there they were, OMG! What gear am I in, which way am I going, why can't I think, focus, I can't remember what I'm doing!!! That's it I decided I can't go around being distracted . It's amazing how a few seconds can suddenly turn into an eterinity finally I get the truck parked. The little end of my boot lace gets stuck in the metal grid of the steps by the driver door, I nearly fall out of the truck right in front of 'em. That was all the time I was allowed to make my great introduction now they've gone, poof! The next day I just happened to be out front on the sidewalk having a smoke, actually I was waiting in hopes that this would be the day I really get to meet 'em. No such luck, I'm too early or they are late for work. I go inside to get my next assignment as I'm walking down the ramp to the truck I look up and they say, "Hi, I'm a girl." which I reply , "I know that." I am trying to be cool and collective about my witts so I say,"What radio station do you listen to mostly?" Had I really wanted to impress I would have said did you bring your lunch today? Unfortunately I have a brain that only functions when the truck is in gear!!! Don't ask me for directions if I am standing, because I have no clue unless I have a steering wheel in my grip. After days of meeting for coffee breaks and a smoke we finally set up a real date. HA HA! this is funnier than I first thought. I haven't worn any thing other than pants , jeans and a T-shirt and a very long while. The day finally arrives for the first date, I borrow a jean skirt from my friend put on make up even yes nylons and heels. I take one step and back into my tennis shoes I retreat, the heels go in my back pack for later . I get to their apartment exactly at 9:45 a.m. ( I am never on time for anything). They buzz me into the bulding, the third floor, that is alot of stairs. Ten o'clock we leave to go to have coffee and then on to court. Our first date was getting her named changed. It has now been two years later, It seems like yesterday still, life isn't easy no matter who you are and being with someone you love and they love you makes life easier to deal with, knowing that your coming home to that special someone. The big day is yet ahead and each day is new expirence for both of us. We just say thanks and hold on tightly .

Friday, September 16, 2005

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

So later the big birthday party, I can't wait, I got to go get the box I'm going to jump out of later. I recall jumping out of the box for another Libra, I wonder how Libra's manage to even get me in a box! Oh the inside of the card says "You want flies with that"? I had librarian extraordinaire on the bain when I selected this card. Nornmally I get sexy drooling type of cards, I think I'm more excited about the party than the guest of honnor. Oh the aches and pains of being 26! So much to worry about too! This box had better work and I got to pick up some chocolate syrup. I gotta go NOW!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I love a parade

It's hard to believe that been 3 months since our GLBT Parade. I liked this because it was colorful and bright. It was also at this moment that I got separated from my friend and ran into my x and their new friend, we all ended up spending the day together and having a great time. It was fun swing dancing, but I got to admit I got club feet and they only function in a club! I can't dance on asphalt.

I'm laughing so hard I can hardly see.

I swear my head is bugged, I was thinking since I won two games last week I'd take the night off. Not now which is worst boils or tea at mum's!!!! I'll just go and kick butt. Hey Mickity can I borrow that outfit?

Well damnit!

I would love to know what I've done to my blog , I can't figure out how to get out of this wet paper bag!Everything was fine until one day I decided to add this elimanate that and redo it all together. I think the best solution now would be a six pack and call it a day!

September 23rd 2005

The Women Rule Concert on Good Morning America starting 9/23/05 and Cherly Crow starts it off.

Monday, September 12, 2005


A big thank you to Boone Pickens and his wife Madeleine their carring and concern about the animals is helping many stranded pets get the rescue that they too needed. Some were flown to San Diego, and the others came to the Northern California area. Continenal Airlines and some of the Flight crew also had a special part in this effort. So many lives have been affective by this storm and it's wonderful how all of us are commimg together in various ways to help . Thank you.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Another Day in Pleasant Valley!

This is a day to write home to Ma about! I've been waiting for this day since 1982! Of course now the postage isn't the same as then, and I can actually save a stamp and e-mail Ma. Ok, here is how the day went down. I get in from work relax for awhile, catch a nap and around 1p.m. I was good to go out and party. My girl is in a pool tourament with a cash purse of $200.00. Finally I manage to make my way over to watch the final rounds. "Damn she is Good".She made this one shot that I was wondering if the cue ball would clear the 7 ball. Not only did she clear the 7 but hit the rail and come back up to hit the 6 and put it in the pocket. She went on to qualify for the next tourament in a few weeks. So I make it there and immediately I order a drink , my lucky day, write your name down and put it in the barrel if drawn you'll get a free drink. The Busty BarTender pours my Merlot and the sound of wine filling up the glass is like a symphony in my ears. I'm watching the pool match the tennis match the 49'ers pertty much all at the same time.I'm not thinking about any one particular thing , no focus here just pure and simple enjoyment. Then out of no where the Bar tender calls out my name. Oh my God I've won a free drink!WOO-HOO! The second glass of Merlot was better than the first glass. OH! what a wonderful day.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ah yes, Yes, YESS!

Another Sat. and I'm home before the sun came up and my roommates came out. Or was it the sun came out and my roommates got up? Either way I always say sure feels good, to have the place to myself. Oh just so you all are aware, the gas theives have arrived, get your locking gas caps before the supply and demand creates a shortage. As the wonderful spammers would say, you can pay when you like.!!! You people should go back to telmarketing cause I've changed my Dinner hour ha ha jokes on you.. When your on a diet you don't have a dinner hour.Now who ya gonna call? One of my rmates always answers the phone, oh the way he told that telemarket person off made me shiver, not! I told him the next time don't sound like you're going to ask 'em out on a date. "Please, please don't call" wtf if I was the telemarket person I'd call back just to mess with him. The next one to call I got it. Ok so the phone rings and I get it I answer, "I know we just told you to stop calling this number and we aren't interested in any thing you're selling, if you call here again I'm reporting it to the police, got it?" My Mother says "I was just calling to tell you I'm home". Well after that I let the big pussy answer the phone. Stuck in the middle with you, I'm so bored I don't know what to do clowns on the left of me clowns on the right and I'm stuck here in the middle with you.

Friday, September 09, 2005

I need a spanking!

Ever had those days when you did something and ya knew better but WTH ya did it any way? Yesterday was that day. My co-worker has this habit of repeating the last three words he just heard, it is very annoying to say the least. I prefer to listen to rock nroll while I'm driving but he asked if we could listen to the news. Ok no problem, as the announcers would wind up their topic he'd repeat the last three words ALL FRIGGIN Night LONG!!! Heading back to the yard I was wondering how to get him to quit it so that it would stick with him. Then it hit me, as my supervisor came into view to greet us. As my wonderful co-worker is leaping out of the truck even before I come to a complete stop, I mumble in a very low voice,"Truck me Ricky" and yes, he he, Co-worker repeats it to my supervisor . I thought he was gonna to deck co-worker. Oh it was wonderful and it worked ,last night guess who listened to the news w/o the 30 second audio delay.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Day Of Prayer?

A day of prayer for the hurricane hit area? I've been praying for them since before Katrina came on shore! I'd better go to bed before I start throwing things at the poor tv. A day of prayer.....

Now what!

I typed up this letter to the mayor of New Orleans concerning the evauctiees and the pets, animals. but of course, they proably aren't on line .So now what? So I'm going to do it here all over. If anyone seeing this can get in touch with the mayor, or some one that has power(S) here goes: Perhaps if you allow the evacuatiees to take their pets with them maybe you'd be able to get them out of the City. I know that I'd choose to stay no matter what if my dog, cat , bird, iguana or rabitt couldn't be rescued. Oh also I believe that animal abondment is a crime.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I wish I could..

I wish I could lose weight as quickly as I seem to lose my mind! Lately I have noticed a really strange trend going on around me , I blame this on my horrorscope, it warned me but I didn't heed it. 4 more months untill my next chance to eat cake with candles on it and usually durring this time frame I'm ever so lucky that I make a pilgrimage to Reno to visit my money! I prefer to put my money in Reno than a bank the interest is so much better (if I win) haha! But getting back to what I was thinking about, last night and for the last 3 weeks both guys and gals have been falling down on their knees at my feet! I wish! They have been expressing how much they like me and wish I was their g/f. Maybe if I ever win the lottery I'll have my own harem, sign up now while the list is small!!!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


YEE_HAW! I won two games. The team took the match and all is well for awhile. The metaxa helped alot/ Yasoo! The final score was us 10 them 6.

I get to be Captain tonight!

Jump for joy! NOT! I get to be Captain tonight at pool so I think I'll start our weaker players first and get their jitters over with before they know what has happened. The good part is it's two blocks from home tonight so I don't have to ride the bus. We're playing at a drag queen bar, one thing for certain they'll be better dressed than us!

Ah, the days of classic cartoons. I miss those old tunes. I cann't get into robot boy and other today cartoons.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Well, I gotta go see my doctor now!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm going to be sick all over every one!

I just got an e-mail from "PETA" please go there and read this for yourself. All I can say is I'm giong be sick all over again....

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I sit here crying because this is not right. This is not how America helps her own, these are good people these are relatives , love ones WTF! What is wrong with our gov't? I've seen the same people on that balcony since Tuesday. Some of those little old ladies might be any one's GrandMa. If this is how they treat Lousianna what is in store for the rest of us? Had It not been for Lousianna the United States wouldn't be as big as it is, The Lousianna Purchase. Don't let New Orleans slip away, do more than throw her a rubber raft. Help her Now!
I just ran across this funny but oh so true. I can't afford my gasoline.