Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sun, Water, Wind

This is the post that goes with the pictures below, I didn't want to mess it all up so I just decided to do it in parts. Monday for me begins on you normal people's Sunday night. I got alotta help from Wendy she let me know when the first raindrop fell up in Northern Ca. and from that point I took in wind speed and distance and tried to figure how long our night should take us. My co/worker is still in awe how we out ran the storm and got our job done without one single raindrop falling on us. Thank you Wendy!!! ***** My friend and I were going to go see Marga Gomez at the Marsh on Monday night. We got the tickets we got all set and ready to go, began to batten the hatches put the rabbit in his hutch covered the parrot. We go to open the garage door and the loudest roar of THUNDER rattled and shook the whole house. Now I'm not easy to scare, the mechanic at work says that I've got nerves of steel, well let me tell ya, that thunder turnned me right into a bowl of jelly. The Wind sounded like a freight train rumbling down the tracks, we just stood there looking at each other with FEAR in both of our eyes. I said wait before you open that garage door, if things are blowing around let's not go. Neither one of us weights a lot and I could just see one of us being sweep up and blown away. So we put on our coats and slowly open the door, the wind whipped right thru us and a tree from the park lay across the road and in the driveway blocking the garage door. we look a little bit then I mentioned something about power lines and we shut the garage door. The rain began coming down in buckets again. I turn around and Tennessee is standing up in his rabbit hutch trying to see what is going on. We go back upstairs and start a fire in the fire place locate all the candles and play canasta. The lights never did go out, although the power did go out for alot of folks. The wind was clocked at 71 mph. Trees came down all over the place, the rivers are holding their own for now and the flood warnings have been cancled. We aren't out of the danger yet a tornado was spotted up near Sacramento. This storm is only in a break period for right now. The clouds are getting black and heavy looking again , well a good night for pool.

Lizzie And The Rain Man Tanya Tucker

"I swear before this day is over you folk are gonna see some rain".

Friday, February 24, 2006

And The Winner Is.....

Woo-Hoo! Andrea took Second in her Big 9-ball Tourament last night. This was the first time she lasted all the way down to the wire. To celebrate we went to Flippers and had omlets. Poor baby , her tourament began at 7 or 8 P.M. and she didn't finish untill 8 A.M. this morning.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Special Request

Yip eee wah hoo!! I won one game ! And yes Madness Within Me I stayed away from the rotgut whiskey whoopeee!**************************************************** Ok you guys I don't nornally ask for too much but my Bestest Friend ever needs some prayers sent her way. We're praying for Darly Jr. he has autism really bad, and also for Little Momma she is 90 and she isn't doing well. Please say a prayer for them. Thank you each and every one of you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Planting Seeds Of Hope

Feb.21st. today is planting day, I just made that up. No, the chance of frost is not gone but in my heart I'm planting seeds for Spring in hopes that it will be here soon. There are things I need to do and this weather hampers my usual routine. I find having to wear all my clothes at one time leaves me with no clothes to wear on my days off. Yes, I know it's Tuesday and nope not even going to think about pool tonight, whatever happens happens. So I'm planting these to see if a small miracle will happen, here goes.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Do You Know Where You're Thermals Are?

Another cold night in San Francisco lord I think it's cold all over the world. I went to work last night at my usual time, but someone had put the wrong lock on, phtffff! I go home and come back when the guys would be there because every once in awhile their key (even thought it's the same) their key will work. So at three a.m. I return but no one's keys are turnning the lock. I trudge back home, 1/2 a block from my apartment I hear voices, no wait, I hear my Boss, I'll be there in 45 minutes, phtfffff! I continue home and kick back for awhile, finally I get removitated and return to work for the third time in one night, Oh look it's now the Holiday!!!! I'm standing in the yard when Bossman pulls up. So he helps me and we kock out a few stores, then he has to go back to the yard and I get some other help. It was a long night from 11p.m. until 11 a.m. Holiday! Anyway, last night was cold it got down to 40, but I'm glad my night was last night and not 2night, it's suppose to drop down to 32 tonight, lord I feel like it's cold all over the world.

Comparision Test

Want to hear something funny? You know I work the grave yard shift so I don't really see too many people(thank God), anyway so the one day I do see someone they say to me; "Have you been on vacation, you gained weight". If I hadn't been so caught off guard with the first part of their statement I would have responsed more approately. It just amazes me the way people speak before thinking. Could some one explain to me what vacation and weight gain have in common? And of course I've gained weight, my hours I keep aren't healthy nor is my diet right now. I'd never tell anyone how lovely they look since they've put on a few unwanted pounds...If I was all that concerned I'd most likey say, Are you feeling alright or something along those lines, ya know. I must make a list of people to avoid because of their backhanded compliments. I demand feedback, just kidding, say what you wish.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Snow in the Bay Area!

This was this afternoon, tomorrow it might be on the streets, maybe... This is Mt. Hamilton, I think the elevation is around 1,700 - 1,800 ft. temps. right now are around the 40's.

A Red Pigeon !!!

Oh my word! there is a red pigeon outside my window isn't there something in the Bible about the end of time ; "And you shall see a red pigeon sitting on your fire escape and you will know it is time to Get the Heck out!!!""" I think I read that in the Book of Eve, last chapter ,verse 121, I can't be certain she did do alot of talking!! Well hey give the woman some credit now she did talk Adam into trouble! However , it just goes to show that man is and has always been the weaker of the two genders. Think about it, it's always us women who can have the babies, bring home the bacon and fry it up and be ready to go out in a few hours, just give us time to catch our breath. Do we ever complain about a hang nail, nope we take care of it and keep going, too many things to do, now if it should run our nylons you'll hear all about that hang nail!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All this was because while I was organizing the lot so I could get my trailer out last night was my helper doing anything. 1 guess and Nope is right unless you count guarding the locked iron gate. When he saw my flashers on over by the fuel pump did he accidently meander over to see if I needed any help with the 50 foot heavy hose from Hell! Nope again. The last straw came this morning while I am freezing my nipples off he is riding up and down on the lift gate w/o any thing on it but his precious self on it!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So there is the red pigeon it is time to get out of my truck and stay out!!!!!!!!!!! singed SkyeBoots!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A prayer

It is almost time! A few more hours and I can celebrate a win! I'm not going to press the Pool Godess for the maxium amount but I won't deny the oppurnity should they land in my lap. So here's to the Pool Godess may she feel generous and lovely as always ( I hope she likes to be flattered) more wins and less beer!

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Gone to pool practice, now I wonder why I'll play really good today but come Tuesday it'll be like I've never held a cue stick before in my life. wonder why that is? I found this picture over on Flicker. I wish I could take great pictures.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Casino Trip

Friday my best friend and I went up to one of the Indian Casino's and had a great time riding up with the Senior Citizen's. My friend calls bingo for them every Tuesday and keeps them laughing so this day trip came up and she wanted to know if I wanted to be her guest and come along . Sure, I could use some entertainment. We get there and we played on this machine and that one but neither of us was excited by any of the machines. Then I saw "IT" the machine that had my name and was calling to me come here . Walking as in a trance I approached the machine. My friend pulls out some lucky stone and I hold it for good luck. In goes my money and within a few more spins and pulls we "WIN". We jump up hug each other do a complete 360 spin together and sit back down. Some lady across the isle was watching us and got hysterical. I guess we did look like Lavern and Shirley spinning around!!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Laura and Jenn both tagged me to do this meme so here goes. :) 1. Four Jobs You've Had In Your Life: Radio Announcer, Accounting , GreyHound Bus Driver, Land and Aqua scaper 2. Four Movies I Could Watch Over And Over: Well, I'm thinking since I usually fall asleep if I pay to go see something, Oh, Red Dawn . I think that's a movie I may have just made it up? Grease The Movie , Chicago , and Fargo . 3. Four Places That I Have Lived. Macon, Ga. St. George, Utah . Redding, Ca. and of course San Francisco,Ca. 4. Four Television Shows That I Love To Watch. Taxi, Mash, Oprah and I Love Lucy . 5. Four Places You Been On Vacation. St. Thomas Island , Cabo San Lucas , Gatlinburg, Tnn. and Toronto, Canada. 6. Four Of My Favorite Books: Morgan LeFey 2. The Mists Of Avolon 3. Camealot, wait I don't think I spelled that right...4. Tuesday With Morrie. 7. Four Places I'd Rather Be: than what having tobassco in my eyes? I 'm thinking. Cabo San Lucas eating oysters by the bucket and having Tequilla poured down my throat, Aye! The Virgin Islands searching for virgins!!! Whale watching off the coast here and if I'd known this on Monday I'd gone down to Maverick to watch the surfers ride the Big One. 8. Four Albums I can't Live w/o. The Doors, Break On Thru to the Other Side. Concrete Blonde, Bloodletting, Joey. Natalie Merchant, Tigerlilly, Wonder. Paula Cole,Where Have All The Cowboys Gone. 9. Four People To Be Tagged: Neo, Wendy , The Thinking Man's Babe and Madness Within Me.

Who Is This Person In My Body?

Due to the fact that I'm in a sort of depressed mood I'm not going to post today, maybe later as the day unfolds and things change my attitude barometer is stuck on low. Perhaps it was the tequilla, maybe cause we lost last night in an awful way. Who knows. Right now I really want to go an take a walk and enjoy the sunshine and have some starbucks. Maybe it's because my monitor craped out and I don't like this huge monster sitting on my desk making my eyes hurt and the colors aren't the same and where is that warranty/ gurantee thing I paid extra for in case this happened? Why does this thing look like it came from off of someone's sale's desk? Maybe my chair is too close how about if I back it up and out onto the fire escape, how about if I relocate onto the fire escape, how about if I just toss it out the window!! See, I'd better go take a walk before I cause a real big scene in here. Andrea spent all day yesterday cleaning this place and now I can't find anything... It looks real nice and smells real good but, I'm never completely happy. time to get away. Just go take a break, I'll feel better after some coffee, I hope. What if I don't feel better? I 'd better make it a double shot. I even started my diet today, grapefruit for breakfast and yesterday I had one small salad all day long. I proably should have eaten before going to pool last night and then the two tequilla's might not have made me feel like I don't know who I am today. :0 :( :0 update to all of this: I now know why I feel out of sorts, Andrea got asked to join a really top notch team and last night was the first night of play and I felt like a part of me was missing. It was she was way across town and I was down in the south of Market. I felt like my right arm wasn't attached.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Each memeber of our team had a little troll droll on our poolcase for good luck. You know the one I mean, the key chain size troll droll. No one noticed it at first, that one of the trolls had disappeared. A few weeks later another troll had gone missing. Coincendence, proably the key chain broke and the troll fell off. I look at my case, mine too, my little guy with the tiny leather jacket was gone. All six trolls had been kidnapped, taken hostage against their will. Six different incidents of troll jacking, could it have been the same person in all cases? Would it have been possible that none of us noticed any one strange around our poolcases? Is it someone I thought I knew? Are they walking around town right now with a buldging pocket full of troll? How could they explain the sudden over population of trolls in their house? Those six trolls had been to alot of matches with us, even a couple trips to Las Vegas to the BCA held at the Riviera. Hopefully the six trolls are together, safe and warm where ever they are being held against their will. If the six of you can feel our thoughts we have never given up our search for you. We think about and discuss you each Tuesday just before a match. Replacing you would not be the same, in fact that isn't even an option, you were bought out of Love and Hope that your luck and charm would rub off on us . I don't know, I have no answers to this mystery. *><><<>><<

Monday, February 06, 2006

Don't Look Now!!!

This is me ya'll, yup! This is SkyeBlue2u, in one of my many hats, actually it's the only one that isn't a ball cap. Too bad you can't see all the pins and buttons I've collected over the years or have been, ahem, awarded! The first button at the very front is a red pin that says "BE MINE" for Valentine's Day. Next and going around to the right is a little gold pair of praying hands, then is, "Blondes have more fun, but Brunettes remeber it the next day", at the very center of the back the pin in shamrock green states that "I Take Chocolate From Strangers", this one I earned, "Psycho Bitch from HELL", and back to the front left side is my pin from Utah"s Dixie. The band around the hat is my old PlayGirl bananda, freyed edges an all. Ya know what amazes me for someone who works graveyard I must be getting a Moon tan???!!! I wonder if they make Moon Screen?

Friday, February 03, 2006

This is my favorite t-shirt.

I wear this thing to remind my roommates that it's time to Clean up around here. I love subtle hints!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

C'mon Groundhog see that shadow!!!

Oh please Mr. Groundhog see your shadow, me and alot of others need a shot of Spring.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I've run amuck, now I'm feeling like a duck! :)

Yesterday, I picked up my pool case and hat. Slung my case over my shoulder, strategically had my hat dipped over one eye as I cruised the streets looking for a little action. What was only going to be a few hours of playing pool turned into spending the night and reading a book by fire light. I crashed on their couch and slept under a bear rug. Awaken by the sounds of a blender, the bannana fizzes were Heavenly. Helped hang a few new blinds and got treated to an omlette with feta cheese and sauages. mmmmmmmmmmm :)