Saturday, October 28, 2006

I found this flipping through the "Writer's Yearbook" from 1975. You know if it was our child, our pet, our spouse trying to tell us something we'd listen and do whatever it took to get them well, right? Earth has been trying to tell us she isn't feeling good. So what can I do to make Earth better? To start remember to recycle, reuse and replant. If by some chance you haven't gotten your Halloween outfit together, make one there's plenty of ideas in and around your home and besides being creative is alot more fun and interesting. You also burn some calories applying your brain and the running around making that costume. I thought I'd share this as I've noticed that my hayfever seems to be lasting longer each year. I may be crazy but it seems like with the longer rain seasons all of a sudden every plant bloomed at the same time extending my allergies.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Testing, this is just a test.....

So, with the next four nights I will testing out my new ride. I do hope all goes well for Halloween night, sometimes you don't want to wait untill that all important trip and then find out that there might be some sort of flaw just waiting to happen, and you know that if it can go wrong it will. Supposely, I'm to get more miles per the straw now that would be sweep opps, I meant sweet. I truly miss my old Fuller broom, lots of stories on that one, I have one of these new electric brooms now better for the enviroment the salesman told me. Well I'd better go now and polish and wax my handle wouldn't want a splinter.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

part 4 A Halloween Story

Cautiously we stepped inside the door all the while holding on to each others shirt tail. We were never so shocked as this next moment. There was a stage and four skeletons on it doing a song and dance, (I kid you not) I looked over at Gilbert "What did they just say?" Gilbert looked at me and starting laughing, "They are singing "We are family, I got all my peacies with me". For real? For real, I swear said Gilbert. Then the Master of Cermonines came back on stage , "Now here's a fellow whose been working on this number for a few centuries,dang I introduce him every year and this year I forgot his name... Hey! It's your turn! " So the curtain goes up and there's this coffin and this Vampire is singing "I ain't kissing you no more". Marsha looks at me and whispers are we in some sort of twilight zone? I don't know maybe , maybe American Idol gone bad, I can't tell. Finally the show ends and there 's music playing and dancing from every room in the house , are you ready ? Yup they were getting down to "Thriller" . They said it was the best video ever and no other video has ever topped it. I was just glad I woke up and that the wooden stake I found in my bed had missed it's mark...................................... Happy Halloween...................

Sunday, October 22, 2006

part 3 of "A Halloween Story"

I felt like there was someone watching me but I never did see anyone, the goosebumps on my arms had turned purple. Gilbert said that the temperature had gone from 60 * down to 40*. The front yard was filling up with fog and it wasn't wet and sticking to anything. It seemed like we'd been there forever and we weren't even inside yet. I looked around for Ribsy he was nowhere to be found, wandering off from the other two lead me to the front door. Ribsy was there making barking motions but no sound was coming from his mouth and all of his hair all over his body from tail to ears was standing straight up. Marsha and Gilbert joined me on the steps just as the front door swung open. "Come on in we've been expecting you"

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Friday, October 20, 2006

(part 2)

Gilbert suggested that we recheck our supplies one more time. Ok, I shrugged , proably would be a good idea to refresh our memory on what we brought with us. Any stall for time was welcomed as I had suddenly developed a serious case of cold feet. Marsha wasn't pushing to go in either, usually she'd be the first to make a dare. After openning the canvas bag with the big "G" on it that he borrowed from his Mom, Gilbert began showing us all the contents. Flashlights, rope,first aide kit, and a bunch of other odds and ends. We each had a canteen of water. I looked at my watch, 4 o'clock, "You guys we need to get serious if we really going in there, it's getting a bit windy ". Marsha looked around, "How come it's only windy on this side of the street?" "Huh, Gilbert looked up from his stash of stuff, what do you mean?" I guess I wasn't thinking when I replied, "Oh you know like it only rains on one side of the street Gilbert, you've seen it do that well why couldn't it just be windy on one side of the street." Marsha said something to the effect that there was a wall keeping the wind on this side. Leaving our bikes by the gas street lamp we marched forward into the unknown. The wind began to feel cool on our arms and with the next step Marsha screamed..........................

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Halloween Story

It was late October, the Saturday before Halloween. My best friend Gilbert and his sister Marsha and I had decided to go and check out the old Fields House. No one had lived in that house for years, the yard was overgrown with weeds and the fence was in serious need of repair. We got on our bikes and dicussed how we would approach the house. Marsha had a pink schwinn with a bell, and her brother Gilbert had a red one with a horn , flags and baseball cards in the spokes. Mine was just a plain old bike with with tires that had real gas station air in them. We rolled backed in forth in the driveway plotting out our path and decided who would go up to the house first. My dog Ribsy, ( as I was a big fan of Beverbly Cleary books) was catching a sun napp while awaiting the call to "Let's Ride". Gilbert was doing the math, why was beyond me the way I saw it was either let's go or don't go. Gilbert was a genius . Meanwhile Marsha had gotten off her bike and began picking my Mom's Forget Me Not's. I looked over at her and asked her not to do that as my Mom would kill me later when she found out. Gilbert announced that he had the map drawn up and this is the way we should go. I took one look at the map and threw it back at him. It took you that long to figure out that we leave the driveway and go up the street cut thru the baseball park and go over the railroad tracks and circle around the block to the back yard? Marsha shhh me and got on her bike;"Let's go". Marsha took the middle and Gilbert and I were on the outsides, Ribsy ran ahead of us. We reached the backyard to the Fields House and stopped dead in our tracks.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Come see

This was Thrusday night's moon just before I had to go to work. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Doggy Dinner

Many natives here grew up knowing this lovable face as they were kids. There was a scary moment when we thought his cute dashund face would be lost forever, but hard working folks came to his rescue and now he is a protective landmark, he no longer has to fear of being carted off to any pound. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 02, 2006

There's A Tear In My Beer!!!!

Why? you ask, because my favorite team is _NOT__ going to the playoffs; never mind that the Gaints aren't going thats's like saying Barry Bonds won't be playing in his own World Series. I am sad wait, "SAD" how can the Braves just end it at 79- 83 bahawawawa....;)